February 21, 2019


Both users hear the alternate party’s recorded voice data and verify that the supplied voice data is correct. An additional aspect of the invention describes the recognition of voice utterances from other signals and called party spoken words i. For example, these levels can be 1: For each living unit accessible from living unit field , the default language can be selected from language field The system may contact the operator utilizing telephone means, paging means, etc.

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Network interface controller

Processing a call requires the station and line side paths be independently controlled by call processing card catd processor However, the system does not allow for other types of calls, such as collect calls, to take place.

This permits CSC Z8 control processor to detect the call path connect and disconnect status.

This feature enables private public telephone owners, as opposed to primary telephone companies, to receive revenue for completion of the call. Once the user list has been checked to ensure that the inmate is allowed to call those ethsrnet, the inmate may only call the people on this list. Furthermore, first-in, first-out FIFO bufferalong with the SMC processor’s DMA buss allow larger digitized voice data files to be moved fast and efficiently to and from memory.

The states include dial tonecongestion busy signal, subscriber intercept tone, call intercept announcement, line busy signal, ringback tonering no-answer, answer supervision, and quiet.

A plurality of user telephoneswherein the actual number of telephones depends on the desired capacity of the institution call system, is incorporated into a telephone bankand 231dom connected to an electronic switchboard device A battery backed real time system clock on DCC supports an accurate date and time stamp function.


These systems prevent inmates from extending the current outgoing telephone call and entering a new telephone call with a new number without fully terminating the original telephone call.

What is NIC (Network Interface Card)?

Alternatively, for efficiency, a single biometric sensing device may be employed for a multitude of user telephones If the data had not been stored prior to the call, it would be retrieved from the called party and used for future voice authentication.

For example, certain inmates may be entitled to call only a few particular individuals. The preferred embodiment of the present invention provides for four 8 by 4 cross-point arrays In addition, it also performs switch connections for Spybox monitor access.

To prevent such institutions from incurring unaccountable telephone costs, the institutions must either restrict access to outbound telephone lines or employ a telephone monitoring system to charge the responsible party for making the outbound communication. When the telephone disconnects, the circuit is released and the telephone is ready for a new call origination.

Dial tone is provided to the inmate when CPC is connected and ready for the inmate to enter digits. These busses support inbound voice connections for Spybox monitor connections. Next, a user is prompted to enter biometric information e. A fifth section allows users of the software to compile various system reports, such as net monthly financial transactions and an extra digits dialed report. Basically, the originating ANI data identifies the source of a call.

In particular, there exists a need in the art to provide a computer-based telecommunication system with the capacity to allow an institution to control, record, monitor, and report usage and access to a telephone network.


Furthermore, Kitchin et al. A further objective of the present invention is to permit alterations of call restrictions and options through a computer control unit.

A common example of this is a recording device such as a magnetic tape drive.

The method disclosed by Penfield et al. TLC has drop-and-insert capability to support digital data outputs that may be processed by digital subsystem CPU controller card There are several options for an inmate to select with respect to payment on the account.

In a first example, each user of the system would be required to wear an RF band attached preferably to the ankle or wrist. When the call is outpulsed and answered, CPC provides called party prompts to announce the call, which may include asking the calling and called party for voice verification. After a user is authenticated and a calling party is contacted, the present invention provides for a number of monitoring and safety means that are active when a call is in progress. As required, a detailed illustrative embodiment of the present invention is disclosed herein.

Investigative workstation or central site server may also contain voice recognition software to aid in calling or called party voice authentication.

Additional restrictions and options are available for individual user accounts. In known systems, the PIN identification method is incapable of verifying that the individual who supplies the PIN is the actual specified inmate.