February 17, 2019


March 10, at Learn how your comment data is processed. I tried all the suggestions, however, the USB still does not work on my office laptop. Its a good article… If a layman by mistake he uninstalled USB or something happens to the system, then this kind of article can save their time.. If you are looking online then just right click on the USB mass storage and click install..

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Should be taken down from this site.

Enable/Disable USB storage devices on your network – Cool Solutions |

Try to put permission to GPO: He would alter the settings through regedit command on Run console. Some motherboards may also have jumpers that can be used to disable USB. I’m doing this on my network and it works wonderfully. I also changed the file attached to this article to include a newline at the end. Is there any way i can unblock my ports???

We noticed we can push the GPO out to computer names, but not through user accounts. Nevertheless, the memory stick should be initialized and mapped correctly but you need to reboot in order to reapply the administrative template such that USBSTOR is disabled again.

How to disable USB sticks and limit access to USB storage devices on Windows systems

South Africa – English. July 17, at 5: First create a file.


Within minutes or even seconds an employee has all the files they need in order to start up their own business and take all the customers with them. While it was not the complete solution to my needs it was extremely helpful. I read all the 4 ways to disable USB port. But his technique has a serious drawback. February 19, at Can we find them online?? She relishes different cuisines and when it comes to baking, she takes the cake! December 14, at 2: I have USB Disk Security installed on my system which gives an alternate link to open the drive but when I click on it it says that due to restrictions set on this computer disaboe administrator you cannot open this drive.

How to Enable or Disable USB ports In Windows 7

Easier to apply the gpo scope by including authenticated users and to filter by ou rather than delegation. Security freak or mind freak?

May 16, at 8: Check out for any possibility in the Device Manager and enable the disabled port by right clicking on selected one and click Enable. March 1, at Unless you can dsiable an exploit and gain admin access, the end user can only make changes to the registry that only they the user have access to.


Rimzhim Sharma 19 Dec – 8 min read. The fact that this solution isn’t working for some people doesn’t necessarily mean that the solution always fails for the disabpe you suspect. After the second inversion and moving the GPO to the OU, the restrictive settings will be applied, but this time only uxbstor the computers in the OU. It will ease your work to make things back to normal…thanks hope that helps…. How often have you witnessed blocked Pen drive or USB drive access in your workplace or college or school?

In the right pane, select Start and change the value to 3.

If anyone can help please contact me. If you want to enable USB ports on your computer, follow the steps on the page below, but choose the enable option instead of disable option where applicable. It only works if the USB storage driver is already installed.