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Jan 1, 8: Ronda Wilson Reply Email I am using a laptop to connect to the internet not the machine that I am writing about. Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. Use the lastest one which is version 4 I believe. Do you have someone with whom you could swap cards to see if that’s the problem? Not much on Macs, but hope that helps.

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Ronda Wilson Reply Email well. That would be your usb wireless device. Sep 19, Re: Sep 20, 4: Sometimes that will break functionality of third-party drivers.

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What is the model number of the adapter? Maybe a Security Update or something similar?

So, is there a way to manually add the device – is a USB device – how does one add hardware as in the PC world to 0950 IMac when it does not appear? Jan 1, 8: An Ethernet wireless adapter requires no drivers and therefore will work with any Ethernet device.


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Ronda Wilson Reply Vsd mmm. Since Jake hasn’t posted in over two months, either that driver worked for him, he found the answer elsewhere, or he gave up.

Now no matter how many time si reconnect it it will not work There is no way to add something the computer does not recognize.

Sep 20, 8: Mine is doing the same thing and the machine will not recognise that the usb is even plugged in. Have you installed any new software? Belkin Not recognizing This 0950 is not answered.

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The one you fwd to make active is the Ethernet device with a number after it. These drivers are usually fragile and only work with a well defined version or versions of the Mac OS.

Nov 30, 7: Download and install the appropriate driver for the version of Mac OS on your iMac. Sep 20, 5: Sep 20, 1: To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.


User profile for user: Ask a question Reset. I have OS X We diagnosed what was wrong with mine by my husband swapping his AirPort card with mine. Belkin Not recognizing Posted: Nov 29, Re: All replies Drop Down menu.

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Others have stated in this and other forums that they have used this unit with success. It is also unclear what version of the Mac Dsd you are using. Ronda Wilson Reply Email I am using a laptop to connect to the internet not the machine that I am writing about. Let’s start by stating the fact that these USB networking networking devices are not inherently supported by the Mac OS.