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This game is all about bringing the best of friendship, and the best of pen and paper RPG right into your personal computer, for a whole new take on the genre of the game.

Choose the form of your character, he can be either be an archer (a beautiful girl with fabulous eyes and a great personality), or a healer (a handsome guy with a sweet nature and a big heart), you can even choose a gal (A stunning and gorgeous woman with a great personality) to be your sidekick.

Now the only thing that you need to do is to select the job that you want to be assigned to, and bring in some friends to share and play with you. Once you have found a party to be your companions, the adventure will begin, in which you are going to meet with various challenges and obstacles, and trying to find the best ways to survive and succeed throughout, with a bit of the fun and fantasy of the game.

Choose a party (or two) and fight through dungeons, and forts, and in the all kinds of different scenario, and use your friends to help you accomplish your goals. More than just that, you can also upgrade your equipment to make your friends stronger and more battle-ready. Your friends will also travel with you, so that you can form an alliance and become stronger as the game continues.

Sounds easy? Think again…because this is a game where everything has its own unique powers, so you will have to use your special powers wisely to avoid the dangers of the game.

Dynamic battles and enemy encounters become more challenging, and this is because your friends can be your best allies. Your friends can fill different roles, helping you with combat, or healing you from your wounds.

The more friends that you add to your party, the stronger you will get. Each of your friends have their own unique powers, talents, and such to help you gain in level.

So, whether you are looking for a new challenge, or you want to go adventuring with your friends, try the new Fluffy Friends RPG, and enjoy your journey!


– RPG Elements – Fluffy Friends:

Whether you want to go with the classic form of a fantasy world, or a brave new universe (starcraft), this game will be able to give you a new experience of the RPG genre. We have all the characteristics that you need in your RPGs, such as, you can choose from a


Features Key:

  • Customizable background music
  • Customizable cursor colors
  • Multiple cursor positions
  • Multiple keyboard profiles
  • Easy to install and use
  • 8 Controls
  • Keys can be remapped
  • Joystick mode
  • RGB LEDs can be enabled
  • 5 LED States (normal, running, screen, arrow up and arrow down)
  • Included with the Box

    • Euclidean Soundtrack
    • A copy of the Euclidean Soundtrack Pack
    • Installation Guide
    • ReWire.conf template
    • Lua-Local

    Demo Stream

    This is the current development version of Euclidean Soundtrack. Will feature ALL bell sounds and ALL bell colors.

    The goal with this project is to develop an indie game using the iGame development framework. With this as my template I’ll be able to quickly create iGame games using my own music for the background.

    Some basic install instructions for those who want to follow along:

    1. Download the EuclideanSoundtrack.zip from here.
    2. Open the EuclideanSoundtrack.zip and extract the files.
    3. Open iGame.jar and iGameLauncher.exe.
    4. Open a command prompt with admin rights
    5. Run the iGameLauncher.exe and select EuclideanSoundtrack. There may be a few dialogs that come up- Press D to skip through them.
    6. Run the iGame.jar and choose EuclideanSoundtrack.

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      (In Development) Site: HKS.io

      Playable: Yes


      Experience living the life of the high society of the country of Kohime. Enjoy this short story about love, society, and life in an air-headed world. Take on various unique encounters to experience the world of the high society.


      It has been ten years since the death of the emperor of Kohime and the country has been in chaos. A certain man born into the country’s highest class rises to power and takes the role of emperor. The people around him, from the nobles to the commoners, become devoted to the new emperor.

      However, behind the tranquil exterior lies a soul of a man with a dark secret. He has a collection of beautiful young girls who were chosen as treasures by the people, and he holds them hostage. What kind of relationship does a corrupt emperor have with a bunch of kidnapped girls?


      First of all, this is a game about a man, with a significant focus on his personality and actions. The player plays as the emperor, who finds himself stuck in a world of power and corruption.

      Unlike other games where the protagonist has no ability to do anything and the gameplay mostly consists of fetch quests, The Sekimeiya places the player in a role as a powerful ruler with the ability to possess objects, transform into other characters, and manipulate the environment with powerful magic.

      This game is also a story-driven game. After choosing which girl the player wants to possess, you will receive various requests to complete. At the same time, various things will happen in the village, and you will receive more quests from the people around you.

      As you progress through the story, you will unlock new items and items which affect the surroundings, and you will be able to find new girls.

      Furthermore, if you possess a girl, she will make a request for you at the end of the game. The girl’s request determines the ending of the game.

      -Game Mechanics-

      There are different types of quests. Some are easy, while others are much harder. In order to succeed, there is a need to develop a variety of skills.

      1. Possess items-

      The game places emphasis on being able to utilize items for every step. There are a variety of items such as bombs,


      What’s new: