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BONEWORKS Torrent Download [full Version] [HOT] ⏵

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BONEWORKS Torrent Download [full Version]

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Fans of pulp fiction will find their own little world in this place. The protagonists of crime and passion like The Saint, The Bat or James Bond are present here. But beyond the criminal part, Boneworks has a playful side that is not hard to find.
Craft a powerful, extraordinary city of crime.Build and trade your own law and order.Witness and fight riots.That’s it. Boneworks is a standalone game. No need for Sims 4 or any other games.
Boneworks brings new tools for you:
Explore your city. Discover all the nooks and crannies of this new world. There are more than 100 building zones. Each built. Whichever way you want. The city can be viewed from an aerial and a satellite view.
Create own characters. Gather your squad and build a powerful, elaborate police force. Boneworks is all about laws and order. You need agents, special equipment and police vehicles.
Trade. Make your own economy. With 15 different business models. And use any vehicle to drive it.
Fight riots.
Invest in your city. Boneworks is a standalone game. So you can focus on your city. You can create new districts. Buy new properties. Not just the buildings, but also the streets.
Play in 3D.
Boneworks is a 3D world. It’s all about building and destroying. Destroy your opponents. By dropping them in a burning building. And defend yourself. Boneworks is not only about fighting. Carefully plan your moves. Look for hiding places.
Boneworks is visually stunning. You will be amazed by the stunning graphics.
Boneworks 2.0
Boneworks 2.0 is based on the same foundation as Boneworks 1.9. From the old to the new. With a lot of new features and game modes.
New weapons. More powerful weapons.
Not all weapons are the same. Boneworks 2.0 includes a knife, a pump-gun and a long-barreled revolver. You can also choose the weapon of your choice.
Explore the city. New vehicles.
Boneworks 2.0 has new vehicles. With snowmobiles, a helicopter, a fire truck and a mobile crane. New areas and goodies.
Boneworks 2.0 contains more than 100 building zones. More than 20 special districts.
Special districts. Want to play

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