Brass Bar Cart  | A Guide About Where Would it Look Great

Since the 1800s, when Earl Gray was served instead of mojitos on the go, bar carts have been called “tea trolleys.” But when Prohibition ended, people started using tea trolleys for something a little more fun, and brass bar cart were born.

By the end of the 1950s, bar carts with storage were everywhere: in homes, restaurants, businesses, you name it.

In 2022, there will be more bar carts than ever. This essential piece of furniture is a must-have for anyone who likes to have people over or likes to drink while sitting down.

Where to put a bar cart and why

When it comes to where to put a bar cart, there is no hard and fast rule. Since it’s your house, you get to decide what the rules are. Here are a few places you should look to get the most out of your serving carts:

1. The Family Room:

Most people spend time in the living room to relax after a long day at work. So, if most of the action happens in the living room, it makes sense to put it there. Instead of going into the kitchen, you can put your bar cart next to the couch and make a refreshing drink from there.

Adding a bar counter stool to the brass decor is one of the best modern living room ideas. Why? Bar carts are not only useful, but they also look nice and give your living room a sophisticated look.

2. Dining Room:

What goes better with a big meal than an old whiskey? Set up a bar cart with all the drinks and mixers your guests will need to end the meal in style. This will make your guests happy. When you’re not serving drinks, you can use your bar cart as a serving tray for desserts and sides.

3. Kitchen:

A bar cart in the kitchen can do double duty, just like the one in the dining room. A brass bar cart can be used to store food while you’re in the kitchen when it’s not being used to serve drinks.

4. Entryway:

When you walk through the door and see a bar cart, it’s like coming across an oasis after a long day. When you have people over, a bar cart will make it easy for them to help themselves to drinks while you finish making dinner.

How do you show off a bar cart?

So much can be done with a bar cart in terms of how it looks. Here are some tips on how to set up your bar cart so that it becomes the center of attention in your home:

1. Buy Good-Quality Glasses:

High-quality glassware makes your bar look more stylish. No matter what kind of glassware you’re using, make sure it’s of good quality and easy to hold.

2. Set Up Everything:

Arrange your liquors, bitters, and bar tools in a way that makes sense. If you have to, put the most important things on each level of the brass bar cart. Everyone who sees it will be impressed by how clean and inviting it always looks.

3. Decorate:

Most bar carts look stylish and sexy even when they don’t have any decorations on them. But you can make yours stand out even more by adding a few small details. Some things that can be used to decorate are a candle that doesn’t smell, a vase, a small plant, and a dish of fruit.


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