Different Types of Horse Accessories – A Brief Guide

Equipment for horses depends on what type of equine activity one is participating in. All of the fundamental horse equipment you need to appreciate and ride your animal is covered in this blog. Saddlery, or tack, is the term used to describe horse equipment. A fair bit is attached to the bridle (including a girth and the necessary stirrup leathers).


Good quality leather is the ideal material for tack. Oftentimes, low-priced tack is made of inferior leather. However, due to its brittleness, it will not endure as long. A pricey investment in tack can last a long time if properly maintained.

There must be:

  • the horse’s and rider’s equipment are the right fit
  • it is appropriate for what you and your horse are going to be doing at the time
  • You look after it by cleaning it regularly.
  • Various plain browbands are made up of leather.


A Bridle’s Elements and Purposes

Throatlash and Headpiece –

They are made from a single piece of skin. With the help of the cheek pieces, the headpiece holds the bit securely in place. This piece of leather fastens loosely beneath the horse’s neck to keep the bridle in place. Ideally, the leather and horse’s neck should be separated by four fingers when properly fitted.


That’s what keeps the horse’s head from slipping back. Ideally, it should be snug enough to keep the headpiece from sagging away from the head but not so snug that it irritates the ears. There are various browbands; the plain leather browband is one of the best because it is long-lasting and durable.

Headbands –

These are attached to the top of the headpiece and the bottom of the bit. They need to be snug enough to keep the bit in place but not so tight that the horse’s jaw is pinched.

The bit is attached to the cheekpiece and reins; the bit is called a “bit.” Each side of the horse’s mouth should have a protrusion of approximately 14 inches or the breadth of your little finger. When the horse is wearing the bridle, the bit should cause him to appear to be smiling just a little bit. To make the bit more appetising to the horse, it can be constructed of copper, sweet iron, or origin. Some are made of vulcanised rubber because it has a more substantial feel. Finding a bit your horse enjoys can take some time and experimentation.

Reins –

Attach to the horse’s bit and aid in his navigation. They come in a variety of materials.

  • Plain leather 
  • Laced or Plaited
  • Rubber Over Leather 
  • Rubber Reins 
  • Nylon Reins 

Noseband –

The only type of noseband to which a standing martingale can be connected is the cavesson noseband, the industry standard. At the nose, you should be able to fit two fingers. Under the protruding cheekbone, there should be a “two-fingered” space.

For new horse owners, the selection of horse equipment might be bewildering. There is a wide variety of equipment for horses. Some of the equipment are discussed above in this blog. We hope this piece of information will be helpful for you guys!