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Unlock Android phones / tablets with Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock
dr.fone – Android Toolkit is the best way to unlock your Android phone or tablet. There are 4 types of locks.
You can unlock any type of Android device including original, Android One, or any brand or OEM (Original or Stock).
Dr.Fone can easily bypass any types of locks including PIN, pattern, password, and fingerprint.
This feature can also be used to .

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I had the same issue. I plugged in my phone and ran Dr.Fone to unlock. It didn’t work, so I had to plug it back in and unplug it and re-run.

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I am having problems unlocking my Android phone. I have fixed all of the issues, re installed Windows and tried to unlock by using other apps, but it did not work. I found another app on this website that said it would unlock my phone but when I tried to run the app it kept telling me I had to pay for unlock the phone. I don’t want to pay for something that doesn’t work and ask other people to pay for something that doesn’t work. What should I do?

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I have a Moto G5 Plus, Android version 7.0. In the drop down box on the right side, you have the option of a “Unknown Zone”, “Under Factory Lock” and a “Wipe Factory Data” which is enabled.

Under unknown is “Window Lock” and a password box to enter in a 6-digit PIN/Password. Under factory is the same exact option.

With the phone connected, type “C:” and hit tab key twice. Click on “C:\Program Files\Dr.Fone” and you will see the Dr.Fone Utility.

Signing in, click on “Unlock” at the bottom of the screen then select “Toggle Off Unknown”.

Select “Device” on the left and click on “Disable Factory Reset”.

Select “Information” on the left and click on “Wipe Data (Recommended)” and click on “OK”

In the drop down box at the top right, click on “Hardware” and select “No Region” and click on “Clear


Have you ever happened to accidentally turn off your Windows Phone while trying to search for a file or do anything else on your phone? If you do, then you might be surprised to see that you can’t actually search for the file you were trying to find on your phone. However, you can turn off your Windows Phone and search for the file you were trying to find. But first, you’ll need a way to turn off the phone.

You can turn off your Windows Phone while it’s in standby mode. To do this, you’ll need to turn on the phone then press the volume up key. Then, press the power key.

After you do this, the screen should turn off. After the screen goes black, you should hear the Windows logo noise. Then, you’ll need to hold the power button down until the power button turns off.

Once you’re done, you can turn your Windows Phone back on. Then, press the power button again.

You’re now ready to search for a file. You can just click the search key on your keyboard or you can find the button in the Start menu. After you click or tap the button, you can press the power key to toggle the keyboard back on and you’ll be able to type in your search.

If you want to find a file on your phone without using a keyboard, you can go to the Start Menu. Then, search for the file you were looking for.

Pressing the power key while your phone is in the Windows Phone screen on standby will do exactly the same thing – disable the screen and make it so that you’ll be able to turn your phone back on without using the power key.

While most Windows Phone owners might be able to do this by accident, this method should only be used when your phone isn’t connected to any device or it’s being charged. You don’t want to be holding down the power key to turn off your phone when you don’t have a way to turn your phone back on.

If you turn off your device accidentally, you’ll be able to search for the file you were looking for. You can even save this search and access it later.

You can find more info about turning off your Windows Phone on the Windows Phone help section at Microsoft.

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