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◆ Introduction ◆
This is a Persona 4 all-game!
With the Persona 3 Definitive Box, we are offering an updated version of the game!
It takes advantage of the hardware of the PlayStation 3!
Exclusive Bonus Service
◆ New characters, new stage, new locations, new costumes! ◆
Gorilla Iori
Gorilla Iori is the mascot character of the game “Definitive Box” made by the series “OneeChanbara”!
He is a member of a gorilla troop in the “Did you happen to buy the game?” game “Iori no Manuscript”.
With his “giant” body, player can choose his “fight style” before battle!
■ Distribution Methods ■
Gamers can buy it by clicking on the item “Tentei Gift Shop Gift Code” in the game.
■ Characters ■
Gorilla Iori
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 170cm
Weight: 90kg
Class: Great General
Gorilla Iori is the mascot character of the game “Definitive Box” made by the series “OneeChanbara”.
With his “giant” body, the player can choose his “fight style” before battle!
His special power is that he can support the attack of Saki by using “her body” as a shield.
◆ New Party Characters ■
Kasumi Yoshizawa
It is Kasumi, who has played the role of Saki, the heroine in the original game “OneeChanbara ORIGIN”.
Now is returning as a party member.
Together with Saki, she will go on an adventure!
Rise Kujikawa
Rise is now available to play!
However, unlike the previous game, she is not a stand-alone party member!
You can only participate in battles while keeping Rise with you.
■ New Locations ■
Apart from the above-mentioned, we also added new locations.
The four girls went to the city library and the place where Iori was in the original game.
■ New Mode ■
We also added the “Mutual Demolition” mode.
This is a mode where the player can play by taking advantage of the “Mutual Demolition” system.
The following are the conditions:
One party member is sent out as the sole playable character!
The player’s goal is to complete the mission


Features Key:

  • 35 Chambers – Aboard The Loronov
  • Create And Play – A Scratch-Build Beginner Game
  • Fast & Simple – Easy To Learn And Easy To Master
  • Large Possibilities – Many Different Game Types To Choose
  • Seamlessly Integrates With Little Prince
  • Levels – Three Levels Of Difficulty
  • When the first thing that hits you in Condor

    Condor Games Launches the Little Prince VR

    The Lowdown

    When the first thing that hits you in Condor Games <span


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    Map Book:

    Narrative Book:

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    What’s new in Dungeon Rushers – Dark Warriors Skins Pack:

      is creepy AF in ways that weren’t much of a problem in the actual first game. There’s a little bit to do with Creep Town’s arrival, there’s two haunted houses with some puzzles and you’ll need to open up a couple of appliances while you’re at it. However, the real meat of the game is taking your character to the several new schools of the previous game and introducing the T-Virus from the original game into the Sister Location to really give it that nightmare horror feel. I’m exaggerating slightly, but Sister Location really does scratch that itch that some of the fans had. If you’ve not played the first game, though, you don’t need that reference to go and buy that in the first place. In fact, you might not want to do that at all, as there’s some rather creepy things about the shops that you visit.

      The set up of the game isn’t too hard. Sister Location is set two years after the events of the first game. A little girl named Mia Jones is lying on the ground in the middle of a dark abandoned school yard at night. Unsurprisingly, the girl is never seen again, leaving several players yearning for answers. We play as the group that is sent to investigate and look for her. The problem is she’s always one day ahead, meaning that you get there on the fourth day, what they call “The Night of the Bean Soup” in the game. You go to each of the empty old houses and visit the ones that appear to have a connection, whether to the real Sister Location school or not. There’s two more that we don’t get to visit, but they don’t seem to have any relation to the main plot at all, so we just have to accept it.

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