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Developed by PixelMagick.
Set in Retro Lands, you and your friends will do some driving. Collect upgrades to improve your vehicle, destroy your friends, and most importantly, be a badass.
Character Customization:
Reskin your characters using the filter menu. (Press X to enable/disable)
Basic Menu:
Rotation of vehicles. (You can play the game in portrait mode, but the UI will change to match.)
Basic stats (reload, battery, etc.).
Change the game mode (Classic, Races, or Seasons).
Graphics Settings.
Adjust the resolution in game.
Settings Menu:
Advanced Settings.
Character Upgrades.
Music is by gozup.
Game for PC and any other platforms supported!

The Test Clouds: Training Clouds:

Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2013 10:09 pm

by LadyBob

Hi there!

This is going to be a fairly short devlog, but hopefully someone who knows what they’re talking about can correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m in an area of testing and might be able to answer questions on what we’re doing and what the future holds for Test Clouds.

So let’s just dive right in, shall we?


It is not my intent to make this the devlog equivalent of a game release, but I do want to share some of the stuff we’re doing.


The current design is very much an exploratory one. We have three main ideas we’re trying to experiment with:

– Mixing up battlefield structure and control styles, so that you don’t always have to use the same style of tactics.

– Gathering feedback from the testers about the game as a whole. A lot of what’s going into the game, down to making the menu screens, is being built to make things less frustrating and easier to use.

– Using a different metric for gauging how much of a challenge a player experiences in a game. While it isn’t really intended for us to use ratings in the sense of Metacritic, this is a start at seeing how a player feels about the game as a whole, for example if they get lost and the game’s rules seem too confusing. A good, fun game is one that’s fun even when players feel very overwhelmed, if any player feels more comfortable or less stressed in a game, the game is doing its job


Features Key:

  • The first survival RPG game – planets, buildings, resources, starships, planets, probes, asteroids, space stations, x-units, catapults and ice mining
  • 33 planes: beautiful 3D graphics
  • 100+ types of ships, more than 50,000+ spaceships buildable
  • 24,000+ planets: research stations, space hotels, mining operations
  • Military strategy, planetary mutiny – fight with mercenaries from space or even against one another
  • All units & structures are buildable, replaced, built, destroyed
  • Gravitation – planets, asteroids, space stations
  • 3D universe with star constellations (galaxies), nebulas and solar systems
  • 4 basic races: Space Pirates, Space Mutants, Space Vikings, Space Elves
  • 3 basic races: Tech Wizards, Steampunk Pirates, Steampunk Mutants
  • Around 100 variants of UFO- & ships
  • Many special bonuses, technologies, resource effects
  • A detailed tutorial plus expert help
  • Talents and 3 talents trees
  • Units, ships, structures and technologies balanced
  • Some AI tricks like Defend on Trickster Invasion
  • Lobbies, mutiny, diplomatic trait and treaties
  • Based on previous bestselling game – Star Trek: TOS
  • Space Empires II

    Space Empires II Game key features:

    • A single state, a single galaxy – a never-ending adventure
    • Roundhouse base: replace and resupply bases
    • Roundhouse base: planets, asteroids, space stations
    • Military Strategy
    • Gravitation
    • Talents & Treants trees
    • Player / CPU bots
    • Shift-click-drag your units to unload them </li


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      The game supports modding and it is hosted on the Steam Workshop. All the assets (music, graphics, meshes, models) of the game can be downloaded from the Workshop.

      The motto of the game is “DIG DEEP AND DIVE”.


      The player progresses by using the tools provided, and also by digging deeper down. He can move by a wheel, that drives by hands, and must be careful not to get trapped in a ledge, as it is not movable. There are no real enemies but “miners” that can be stunned with dynamite. After the player digs deeper into the mine he will run out of air, so that he needs to extract resources and buy new equipment to keep going down. The player has to acquire raw materials, and refine them into more advanced tools and ammunition. The game is mainly single-player and cooperative.

      A 3D Digger was released in 2017 and gained high praise upon its release. It is one of the strongest indie games available on Windows, Mac and Linux. It is one of the few games that supports mods in 2017.


      External links

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      Category:Drill video games
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      Category:Linux games
      Category:MacOS games
      Category:Unity (game engine) games
      Category:Video games developed in Poland
      Category:Windows games
      Category:Cooperative video gamesA Pentimento da Alemanha

      A Pentimento da Alemanha (“The Memory of Germany”) is a 1941 non-fiction book written by Luiz Cláudio Vianna da Silva. It is the first non-fiction novel written by a Brazilian and was published in Brazil, Germany and Portugal.

      The story follows the journey of a German man as he attempts to find his identity in one of the Brazilian cities, Porto Alegre. After finding a job as a governess for a young German girl named Kathrin, he gradually becomes aware of a friendship that develops between him and the boy who will be his boss, Nicolas. The reader is provided with an insider’s view of the German community and how it grew during the Brazilian imperialistic period.

      The book was considered to be of great historical significance since it was the first non-fiction book published by a Brazilian. Prior to its publication, several works of fiction by Brazilian authors were published as novels, such


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      Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 is a simulation car game in which you play the role of a mechanic. The game includes more than 100 vehicles and over 300 vehicles parts.
      You will be able to manage the garage by yourself or as a boss mechanic.
      You will be able to buy and sell vehicles and parts.
      In the game you will be able to manage:
      – the status of all your vehicles;
      – the repair schedule for each vehicle;
      – the repair cost for each vehicle;
      – the inventory of all parts you own.
      You will be able to open the garage’s windows.
      You will be able to manage the workshop’s inventory of parts and equipment.
      You will be able to manage the workshop’s income and expenses.
      In Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 you will be able to manage the workshop’s energy. You will be able to manage the workshop’s temperature.
      You will be able to control the sewer, cleaning system of the garage.
      You will be able to sell vehicles and parts with an auctioneer system.
      You will be able to travel with your vehicles to other workshops in the game and as far as the entire world.
      On the contrary, if you are really good car mechanic that takes care of his workshop, you will be able to rebuild and repair the rival workshops that you have defeated.
      What do I need to play the game?
      In order to play, you need to have a PC with an Intel Core i5 or better processor, at least 8GB of RAM, have 2GB of GPU memory, Windows 7 or higher.
      The graphics card’s speed must be at least 2GB.
      It is recommended to have an SSD or hard disk speed of at least 150 MB/s to run the game smoothly.
      You also need a current internet connection to play.
      Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 might be a lot of fun, but it is also easy to break in your garage.
      Don’t forget to pay the players to be good if you want to win the car-repair race. The mechanic with more players wins.
      The mini game “Car Mechanic Simulator” (CMS) and the game mechanic of Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 are both trademarks or registered trademarks of The Simulation Factory.
      The Simulation Factory and Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 is not endorsed, sponsored, licensed or affiliated by the creators or developers of Thomas The Tank Engine.

      System Requirements:

      PlayStation 4 system requirements

      Operating system: Windows 7/


      What’s new in Epic Showdown:


      Will there be a new build with improvements?I *think* yes.

      Or download the latest patch from the 2.0.3 CD, and then patch the files into your download.Read more…

      Using Ania’s link there are no configuration or launch options in the zip.This zip contains a configuration file with launch options.This zip was tested with 2.1.00 and will also function with 2.0.3.Read more…

      Same here. Nothing, just the zone wipe that launch conf file. Only worth using if you keep using/wiping out the info from those quests or even complete zones.Read more…

      Ania said

      Using Ania’s link there are no configuration or launch options in the zip.This zip contains a configuration file with launch options.This zip was tested with 2.1.00 and will also function with 2.0.3.Read more…

      Oh well, it’s just the idea that would get them to realize that there isn’t much going on in there…If there is anything, it’s just the auto wipe that launches them in. They probably won’t really see anything different.

      But if it is extremely cold or cloudy on the ground, you’re not going to get a canopy. I’m getting embarrassed that I have a canopy that offers UP too. Sigh.People who have long ranges are a little bit thinner than I am. My wife went out of town for 2 weeks and couldn’t link. It was just too cold up there. Got pretty depressed about it and still do.

      like standing in the doorway of your house and trying to light a fire. Read more…

      It is quite the opposite to making fire. It is more fuel to the flame. –

      This is a positive thing, and no less. Often the lighting is just arbitrary, they light at an angle and tell you to look there.Sometimes it really is a fire, but only when it is just fuel and no oxygen.

      Like most things, it works at different times, depending on the amounts of fuel.

      If it is raining and lightning (and you don’t have the right gear etc.), you’ll just get a shock of a nasty flash, at least that is what I’ve experienced.According to the World Health Organization


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      The player is a fresh graduate of an elite college of highly trained secret agents, a super soldier program: the Spartan Project. For the last six years, the Spartan Project has trained candidates of all nations to be the best of the best. And now it’s your turn. You have been selected to graduate to the highest level of training. You will become a Spartan with the nickname: Recruit 719X. Don’t fail!
      Game features:
      – Hardcore simulations are conducted with virtual robots.
      – Exercises are done with similar robots.
      – Almost all elements of the military occupational simulation training are implemented: physical training, drills, runs, attacks, explosions, barricades etc.
      – Using the latest techniques, it is possible to select a model of the popular robot from your complete arsenal of equipment, it is possible to receive a virtual training from an instructor.
      – Training takes place in four stages. They involve educational and physical exercises.
      – All motions in the simulation are defined in the training process with the help of tracked devices, motion tracker, etc.
      – The external environment is characterized by a realistic environment model.
      – Combat, explosions, the number of enemies and weapons are determined at random.
      – You can try different online games on different terrain in the same multiplayer network “One Country of Russia”.
      Please note:
      One Country is a multiplayer network of online games, it is not an emulator, it contains the same games as on the offline mode, including multiplayer games in multiplayer mode. They can be played on the same screen at the same time, if they are not connected in multiplayer mode, you can play them separately on two monitors or on different computers. The computer does not matter. To play them in the multiplayer mode, a player has to get the game client – it is not free.
      Terms of Use:
      By using this project, you agree to the Terms of Use.
      ➜Присоединяйтесь к форуму!
      ➜Мы со всеми ожидаем большое количество решений!


      Все верно.


      How To Crack Epic Showdown:

    • Introduction
    • License/Legal Issue
    • Installation
    • Unrar
    • DirectX
    • Windows Vista or Windows 7 Drivers or Emulator Detection:
    • Preparation of the Crossfire and the Installation of Crossfire: Dungeons
    • System Requirements for CD version
    • System Requirements for DVD version
    • Start or Install Crossfire
    • Video settings:
    • Texture settings:
    • Crossfire: Dungeons
    • CreateKeys
    • Configuration
    • Guard Folder
    • Launcher
    • Logger
    • Binaries files
    • Start or Install Crossfire


    This is the easiest way to install Crossfire: Dungeons

    License/Legal Issue

    This package is 100% Advertised Content, Created and Maintained by BRK Software and it is published on their site for free


    We provide a download link for DirectX installations, Drivers or Emulator:

    Doing this is an additional step to the installation & configuration. For Windows Vista or Windows 7 Drivers or Emulator.


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    * The Drivers provided are third party, intel or AMD,



    System Requirements For Epic Showdown:

    Mac OS
    Linux Minimum System Requirements:
    CPU: Intel® Core™ i3 or higher
    RAM: 2 GB
    GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1060 or higher
    DirectX: Version 11
    HDD: 22 GB of hard disk space
    Additional Notes:
    Screen: 1280×720
    This is an Online game and will not require to install any file.
    Now download the game on your device.
    Next start the game and it will provide you with the link to enter the free version.


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