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Chan Forum Masha Babko. Related Collections. DIY. 34 item. Related Links.Russian site Vedomosti says that Apple is placing orders for 128,000 fewer iPads and iPhone 4S models than it initially expected. Apple originally said last week it expected to sell 47 million iPads and 42 million iPhones in the quarter, but now the numbers drop to 35 million iPads and 27 million iPhones.

The reason for the lower numbers is that Apple had underestimated demand from business customers, who Apple now says make up 38 percent of iPad users, and 43 percent of iPhone users. The site says that the number of iPads and iPhone 4S models ordered and the number sold will come out next week.

Demand for the iPad appears to be strong, but Apple may not be satisfied. Reuters is reporting that Apple CEO Steve Jobs wants the iPad to surpass the iPod in terms of sales. The company is apparently planning a revamp of the iPod touch to make it the best product Apple has ever had.A Woman of Nine Lives

Last weekend, I finally decided to start cleaning my closet. No, not the closet in my house, that closet is still brimming with clothes and shoes I haven’t worn in a very long time. But my church closet, the one that is in my basement.

It’s a dirty and dusty closet.

I hate my house’s closet. The one we had before our current house was built has too little space and doesn’t make much sense since we have 4 kids and it’s not our bedroom. So, my husband suggested putting the kids’ clothes in our house’s closet and mine in the church’s closet. And since I am very obedient, I followed his suggestion. For a while, it worked. We have our church to go to every Sunday, and the kids like to play with their friends and after church, their day finishes

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