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Want to learn more about St. Petersburg, Russia?
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In this Video, you can see how to travel Russia from Saint Petersburg.
There are two unique parts by subway called Kirovsky Most and Adler.
Don’t click the pre-loader, it will start only on the boarder of the St. Petersburg.
Driving from Saint Petersburg to Kuibyshev (and also the opposite way) you may go to many places but a few of them you should visit:
– Lomonosov boarding – a well-known library with lots of rare books and literature.
– Church of the Holy Trinity – it is a classical orthodox church as there was no one else to do the holy service.
– White Hall – it is the first building on that you see when you walk out of your hotel. It is as one of the official residence of the Russian President and also is known as the Parliament.
– Hotel de Russie – the ultimate luxurious hotel, where French royalty stayed. You should know that the hotel was named after the late Tsar Alexander III.
– Public Library – it is a massive library with many books in many languages.
– Repin Museum – it is in the northern part of the city on the bank of the river Neva.
– Railway Museum – it is the place where old trains and locomotives are preserved into history.
– Picture Gallery – it has a huge collection of paintings.
– City Garden – it has a beautiful garden, a museum and many things to see.
– Peter and Paul Fortress – it is the largest and oldest fortress in the city. You should pay attention to the fortress itself – it is massive and it has a lot of beautiful buildings, courtyards, frescos and so on.
– Saint Isaac Cathedral – the cathedral is the largest wooden building in the world and is the biggest church in Russia.
– Admiralteiskiy Kamerniy is a museum that shows the history of the Russian Navy.
– Bronze Horseman – it is a bronze statue of a horseman and it’s a symbol of Saint Petersburg.
– The Hermitage museum is a private art gallery with a huge

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How to create index for case statement

I am trying to figure out a way to create an index for a case statement.
I want to know if there is a way to create an index with case statement which will speed up the process when a row is added or deleted.
The scenario is my table looks like this and
case When EXISTS (SELECT * FROM SomeTable) Then 0 else 1 end as flag

The rows are updated/added from the first state then any change is ignored if there is already existing data.
The existing data (when row number 1 is already inserted) is updated, but for the new data in case statement will always be 0.


Test for the existence of a index.
IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM some_table WITH (INDEX (… index here…)))
— do stuff

You can create a clustered index on the flag column as well. (It is an INT NOT NULL).


You could create a clustered index, if I understand your use case, so it would always show the correct value.
KeyCol VARCHAR(20),


If what you’re after is faster retrieval and less data needing to be updated due to index changing, you can add a filtered index to the clustered index (this is more efficient than a single