How Much Is Successful Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy? Read-To-Know

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is quite popular around the globe. Around 5 years back, only 30 per cent of people knew about the therapy. However, within this short period, over 75 per cent of people know about HBOT. When you are having hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the UK, be sure that you know everything about it, such as the level of oxygen it will deliver, how it will respond to your issues, and ultimately the success rate. 

Those who don’t know anything about it, let me take you through the basics of this incredible treatment. 

What is HBOT? What does it Actually Do? 

The two most asked questions from the newbies is what hyperbaric oxygen therapy is and what this therapy does in our body. As the term contains oxygen, then you can have an idea that there is something with oxygen. 

Generally, you will go inside a chamber that makes you feel like you are entering a spaceship. The chamber will contain oxygen up to 100 per cent. According to your health, the doctor will recommend the time to be inside the chamber and inhale the oxygen. 

Oxygen plays a significant role in curing various diseases such as depression, skin burns, radioactive waves, neurological concerns, arthritis, and much more. It’s even said oxygen has the power to heal every kind of disease. So, more oxygen in the body means more healing. 

Once you are out of the chamber, your body will feel tired but will get normal after an hour. Sessions of the therapy can also differ as it’s based on individual health status. 

Can there be some side effects? Well, every person’s health condition is different, so there might be possible side effects. But very few people have faced any side effects. In case you feel any weird symptoms or signs, it’s always better to talk to your doctor and let them know about it. They can guide you the best to continue or not. 

Success Rate of HBOT? 

There is no research that shows the success rate of using a hyperbaric chamber. However, many people have seen good results after using the chamber for the first time. 

Many athletes use this therapy to increase their stamina and to reduce the marks of the wounds. Even celebrities go with the therapy for healthy skin that makes them look good on screen.  

Justin Bieber suffering from Lyme disease sleeps in the hyperbaric chamber for a better cure. Various chronic conditions of the brain and heat are treated with this phenomenal treatment. 

So, after reading the blog, you have a better idea about the therapy. There is no harm if you are interested in consulting the doctor once before using the chamber. 


Hyperbaric therapy is a saviour to many people as it has treated from minor to serious health issues. The results are more on the positive side, so you don’t need to worry much. However, the chamber in some health concerns is not the sole solution; you might need to go along with your medication. Hopefully, you find the blog worthy!