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“We are three weeks away from Christmas break and completely screwed! We’re trapped in a mansion with a maniac running around and no one knows how to stop him! But you’re psychic and I need to find out what he knows!” – Brad.
Time is slipping away. With each passing day, the countdown for a mysterious murderer to strike is getting closer. Now, you have to outsmart a dangerous man who is keeping the police away and hiding a secret even you don’t know. Choose your character carefully, use your wits, and figure out how to solve the mystery before it’s too late!


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This is an all ages adventure! Have you ever wanted to be a Halloween superhero? The kids are going trick-or-treating, but the Slasher wants to stop that! You’ll have to save the children from being the evil’s next victim. Make sure to read the instructions and you’ll find a real Halloween treat!

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I wanna be a super hero

(Paperback, Kindle)

I didn’t think I’d ever want to be a superhero, but now I’m planning a Halloween costume, and that’s the kind of powers I’d like to use. I’m looking at the pictures, and I’m going to try to learn how to use some of the hero’s skills. I’ve been reading a book on what to do when people are hurting you, and my mother has been making me role-play, so I’ll be practicing that a lot.

Halloween is now available in paperback. Go here to get your copy today!


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“I wish I could give you a story,” said the leopard.
“Wait,” I said, pulling out my notepad.
“No,” he growled.
“I wouldn’t have any trouble at all writing it.”
“No,” the leopard said again. “None at all. I’d love to be a part of the story you’re going to write. I’d be a part of it because I’d be YOU. And I’d be writing from my own perspective, and I’d see my own’self’ as my own best friend, my own favorite, my own hero. And even if all I’m doing is


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Download ZIP ——— DOWNLOAD

Features Key:

  • Seventeen new interesting levels
  • 3 new types of snakes
  • Four new achievements
  • New theme
  • Improved controls
  • Changes in enemy speed
  • New and more interesting sounds
  • Improved graphics


ISS 360° Tour With Tim Peake [Updated-2022]

Another side scrolling action beat ’em up is here!
You play as two heroes: Charlie and Alexia, both with different skills and abilities.
Easy to learn, hard to master.
– 5 chapters
– 5 environments (Oceanside, Valley, City, School, Mountainside)
– 5 chapters (100 levels) and 500+ enemies in the end
– 5 bosses to fight against
– Enemies of every kind: civilian, army, criminals, thugs…
– 3 different game modes: normal, rush and challenge
– Time Attack and Survival levels
– Character development between the levels
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Coming into 2015, I had high expectations for Rayman Legends based on feedback, and that feeling kept pretty consistent through the years. It has a lot of microtransactions, a rather short length, its good for a quick co-op session and it’s just a fun couch experience. Like a lot of people, I still can’t get the hype and feel others get from the game though. For that reason I have yet to feel like I’m looking forward to the game, I guess I just don’t care for the concept. Still I feel that in order to be fair, I have to at least give it a shot and see what it’s all about.
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Life of the Party, a chaotic free-to-play sword & firearms FPS, has been released on Steam Early Access! Get your friends together for some well-deserved mayhem!
Come join the fun!
Meet the team
Owner/Developer: Daniel Ternovski
Game Designer: Steven Brown
Gameplay Designer:


ISS 360° Tour With Tim Peake Crack + [32|64bit] [March-2022]

– The game has 2 game modes, casual or timed.
– The timed mode has 3 difficulty settings for beginner, intermediate and expert.
– Clear all tiles except the mines.
– If a tile has a number, it indicates how many mines are adjacent to that tile.
– There is a timer on the lower left corner of the screen that indicates how much time you have left to clear all tiles before the mine explodes.
– A map represents the game board
– Gameboard is divided into 4 quadrants, starting from the top left then clockwise.
– Arrows on the side of the board indicate where to go to clear tiles.
– Many levels are preset that show you how to clear the level, but this makes the game a little too easy.

MDK2 is a game of speed, strategy and a dash of luck. You must hunt down and destroy the 8 nuclear missiles before they are launched. A new game from the creators of Under Siege. MDK2 delivers classic gaming fun with a great new level of challenge.
MDK2 is a game where your goal is to track down and destroy the 8 nuclear missiles before they can be launched. Each missile is rated from 1-8. This rating indicates how much damage it is able to inflict. What makes this game so fun, is that you can choose from 6 different characters to play as and each character has a unique play style. With a range of awesome power-ups to help you find and destroy the missiles. You must coordinate your abilities with the others to determine the best strategy for each level. Be prepared for a series of exciting challenges, with the added bonus of amazing and humorous sound effects.
MDK2 Gameplay:
Game Modes:
1. Classic, Single Player Gameplay
2. Co-Op, 2 Person Local Multiplayer.
Game Modes:
1. Classic, Single Player Gameplay
2. Co-Op, 2 Person Local Multiplayer.
Game Mechanics:
– Difficulty mode is also a rating for each level. Higher difficulty will mean more mines. The higher the rating the faster it will be to clear the level.
– The more mines are destroyed the higher the ranking.
– You have a missile tracker that appears to the right of your character.
– Your characters have two special abilities.
– The weapon meter represents how many bombs are left.
– Your allies will select their special power ups by pressing the special key for a power up and and holding for a


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