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This guide is based on three years of dating myself, being asked for advice by friends and strangers about dating, being a skeptic when it comes to dating and being a man. If you are a guy—young or old—consider this your manual on love and relationships. Because we like to consider things from both sides, we’ve based this guide on insight and advice from both men and women.

I love to laugh. I’m funny, I have many interests, and I am a bright, cheerful, lighthearted person. I enjoy people and I love making new friends. If you come across me, I’m sure to make you laugh and enjoy talking to you. My best friend is a goofy, nerdy, awkward, geeky guy who has taught me a lot about being funny. I like hiking, dancing, and spending time outdoors. I listen to NPR, The X-Files, and Imagine Dragons. I love science and I want to be a biologist or a biochemist when I grow up.

It’s tough for women and men to find one another online—dating sites are full of men (and sometimes women) who are incredibly horny and have no idea how to go about meeting a woman or a man in real life. And don’t get me wrong—you shouldn’t spend all your time online either. I don’t think everyone should be out there meeting people. To me, meeting someone at a bar or club is infinitely more fun than a random site on the Internet, and it usually involves getting to know each other a little better. If you find someone you like at a bar or club, can you tell them? It may seem awkward, but it shouldn’t be. All you’re doing is taking a chance on someone, and not a lot of people are going to hate on you for it.

Your Professional Life

Every guy I know has either been in the job market or has been looking for a job. In my experience, young men on the job hunt are met with a lot of scepticism. I know you want to succeed, but why are you still applying for jobs? Why haven’t you been offered a job? Why haven’t you been promoted? Why haven’t you been hired? You can tell people you’re looking, but most companies don’t want to admit that they don’t have positions for people like you.

It’s perfectly fine to go to school, get a degree, network at networking events and apply for jobs. Just don’t https://datememateme.com/articles/find-the-best-hookup-apps-reviews-and-get-laid-online
Last week, we asked you to tell us your dating secrets (or, as we like to call them, your sex tips). A lot of the advice was pretty standard—you should shower, eat right, wear clean clothes, and so on. Other tips were just plain crazy—you should use a condor’s wing to wash your genitals and recut your nails to look like birds’ claws.

Most of your tips were smart and practical, and they would all help with any dating scenario. We narrowed it down to the best advice you had for improving your dating life, which we then turned into a ranking of 10 tips to help you kick dating butt.

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10. “Act the same way everywhere.”

We had a lot of tips on this one. Other than not committing a crime, you should be the same person in every situation, regardless of the context. Don’t be late, don’t expect the world, and don’t talk to people you don’t know. This sounds basic, but we actually had lots of people tell us they didn’t take their phones when they first went on a date or walk someone home when they were interested in more. Other tips involved being polite and remaining calm.

“I’ve heard from people that if you want to attract a man you must be submissive and like pleasing men. Which is BS. I think it is true if you are a woman that has a terrible relationship with a male. But not at all if you are not into it and not willing to be a submissive.” – Tony, 19, New Jersey

“You want to act like you are not into it. The reason being you want to build that wall of protection and it’s hard to be in too deep with someone if you have a wall and you aren’t letting the other person in. This was a big one for me for quite a while. I used to get on a date and tell the woman her butt was too big or her hair was fake or something like that. I was so afraid of getting too close and hurting her feelings that I really held myself back. I am very confident and independent and wasn’t willing to make my best effort to be there for her. I wish I could have known ahead of time that was a bad habit for a relationship to start with!” – Nate, 27, New York City

“Act like someone is buying you a drink. Be nice, but not too much