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Note: Gather your significant other, because this piece contains mature concepts and graphic content that you might not want to share with children.

Worrying About What People Think

Confidence is all about embracing your individuality and not taking yourself too seriously. That being said, some people can easily get carried away when it comes to dating and this can either be a good thing or a bad thing. When it comes to dating, there’s a fine line between being confident and being pushy, and confidence is not the same as arrogance.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or how much money you make. What matters most is how you treat others. So when people are being presumptuous or presumptuous, it’s a red flag and can be incredibly off-putting. I’m not just talking about “creepy” guys and their leering behavior, but people who have so much time on their hands that they think they need to decide your entire romantic destiny. In fact, just because you want to have a relationship doesn’t mean that you have to do it with anyone. You are in no way a piece of property and, hopefully, you will find someone who appreciates you for who you are.

Other people can give a lot of negative attention and expectations, but when you have more than one person placing undue importance on how a date or possible relationship may or may not go, you are setting yourself up for more drama than you can handle. Dating isn’t an intense game of Strategy: More of a Seasoned Human. In an ideal world, a woman would be with one man for life, but dating doesn’t have to be like that, and I’d argue that if you are looking for more than that it may be time to consider entering a different type of relationship.

Believing you are People Who People Expect

Dating isn’t rocket science, and I’d argue that some people should stay single for a long time. The sooner people learn that they don’t need to be good at something to do it, the sooner they can embrace their fear of failure and start dating people who are better at dating than they are. Women who want to find a partner can easily achieve this.

That being said, there are certain standards of beauty and normalcy we all expect. So, if you want to date a woman but don’t want to sleep with her, all you need to do is meet her expectations and you’ll be
Where Do I Find Them?

Okay, first off, if you’re looking to hook up in your city, the first thing you need to do is find out where those people hang out. You may be able to catch them at a bar, or a coffee shop, or you may catch them in the sheets (or at the bar, if you’re looking for that special someone)—but the second they pick up a phone, you better have your game face on. Just be aware that the front lines are going to be full of college students, singles, and couples. It’s not going to be easy to find someone on your own. You might as well take advantage of that fact.

My first tip for getting started is, find a local Meetup group, or find a group on Facebook. As a woman, I can tell you that unless it’s a female-only group, it’s going to be a bevy of men. However, some of the better ones are male-only. As for the Meetup groups, I used to recommend Meetup’s own “Naked Singles” group, or “YouLike” on Facebook, but both of them have changed their behavior and I have to admit that when I did a little digging, the result of that change is really disappointing. The Facebook groups I now recommend are located on the Mashable lists.

I use those lists because they have the groups that are better organized and the ones that have a 100% open membership (and are usually NSFW). I’ve been a member of both of those lists for over a year now and have no desire to join another list.

I find Meetup far superior for finding local groups (as opposed to “Who’s Nearby”), especially if you’re just looking to meet guys and you can get in a few rounds before you even leave the city.

I have two favorite groups I belong to, the Austin Men’s Group, which is specific to Austin, Texas, and the ‘Naked Slingin’ Maniacs’ group. Go to our list of Facebook groups for Singles and get in there.

How To Find The Perfect Outfit

If the first thing that comes to your mind when you think “dating” is “dating game,” you’d be absolutely right. As a guy, we tend to approach women with that in mind, and it’s important to know just how to present yourself in the best way possible.

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