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Name Ninja Castle Escape
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If you believe that the idle games lack on creativity, you will be wrong because this project is built to make fans of idle games happy.
For this idle game, we will provide you the similar game experience with the clicker games which you already know.
There will be the hero, doing the idle/clicker style games to fight against the enemies. The hero can level up by fighting against the enemies. The enemies which the hero fights against also will be the enemies in the real gameplay (collision is possible).
The hero can level up even by feeding the enemies so that the enemy level up as well.
The hero also have a limited amount of food, craft, upgrade equipments and hold his/her ground.
Battling against the enemies is not only rewarding in terms of leveling up but also rewarding with magic/zap items(optional).
This game is also about social experience as there will be a progress bar of every character you have.
– Idle/clicker style game with RPG combat system
– Character have unique status that can be leveled up by the usage of food.
– Character have status that can be changed by the users.
– There will be tactical magic and small zap items that will be used in battle.
– There will be boss fights that will sometimes require the usage of certain magic.
– Each character has his/her own stat.
– Item crafting process can be done in between battle.
– There is an adventure mode for the user to go through the adventure with all the single player content, collect the items on the way and meet all the requirements.

I hope you enjoy the game that I worked hard in.
Please feel free to review/give comment.
If you want to know more about the idle games, make sure to follow up with this link (
It’s a website that is building up a list of every idle game available in the entire universe.
You can also find news there as well.
– Idle Portal Guardian Team
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Features Key:

  • Enjoy every adventure and extra time in the game more than ever!
  • Aspen is here! Feel her appearance in the game as never before!
  • Adventures are more charming and charming!
  • Get the highest score on the global leaderboards!
  • Take advantage of all games and bonuses, the glory is yours!
  • The new Aspen and Friends skin is amazing!
  • Try to succeed in many different adventures!


Ninja Castle Escape PC/Windows

Long ago, Ancient America was an ideal society with a complex and harmonious. But the arch-rival of a noble manipulator has begun to gain power and forces to corrupt the planet. This opposition has raised an army of genetically enhanced mercenaries with homicidal and highly aggressive techniques. Therefore, two countries are now fighting in a last-ditch battle to save the world.
The World of Today features very unique blend of action and simulation that transforms the player into a powerful character. Use weapons and support units available in the game to kill opponents in this intense and merciless game.
Key Features:
Revolutionary gameplay of Deus Ex style gameplay.
Non-linear storyline based on highly realistic 3D graphics with a stunning soundtrack.
Fast-paced game with a sophisticated and challenging gameplay.
Highly detailed simulation of the environments and all weapons, combined with dynamic audio effects.
Unparalleled use of emotions!
Up to 4 players may play in co-op and split screen mode.

Deus Ex is a top down action game with stealth elements. The game tells a story about a high-tech conspiracy that takes over the world. The player plays the role of a contract agent working for a corporation called System Center. You are sent to an unfamiliar location to complete missions for your company. The company is engaged in research that may lead to a new breakthrough. Unfortunately, the action begins when one of the researchers in this facility is killed by the corrupt organization. The attack not only involves scientists and their families, but also destroy a building that contains the research center’s main computer.

The developer is Eidos-Montreal, a subsidiary of the famous Eidos Games studios.

System Requirements:


OS: Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows XP 32-bit, Windows 7 32-bit

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.8 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 3.2 GHz or better

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS or better

DirectX: Version 9.0c

Network: Broadband Internet connection (Broadband recommended)

Storage: 6 GB available space

Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

Additional Notes: The game requires a split screen or multi-screen mode.


OS: Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600


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What’s new in Ninja Castle Escape:

: Power & Grace

The pressure she was under snuck up on her. It hit on top of her, one heavy push in her chest. It twisted around in her stomach. Before she knew what was happening, her hands slipped in her pocket and gripped into the edge of the goddess’s offering. A quick dose of relief, and the pressure receded, but that came with a price. Her god was strong. She could feel it. She was going to have to work extra hard, take extra precautions. Her god’s might and power was as powerful as it was dangerous. It wasn’t to be trifled with. The sharp memories of being tricked by another goddess bloomed in her mind. She had been reckless, careless, and she wouldn’t make the same mistake with her own god. She was going to fight harder. She would work harder. She would take no chances. Then again, whenever this was the case, it only ended in her downfall. She was out of her league, out of her own abilities, and that was a terrible feeling. She didn’t want to go to the kitchens in the middle of the night, didn’t want to take on another reminder of all the things she hadn’t conquered yet. She needed rest. She needed a break. She needed a change of place and time. She needed to visit another goddess. When her god approached, she didn’t need to know.

“You know my offering is still on the table if you want it. Is there anything else you need?”

She hadn’t expected the question. She didn’t know what to say. Something about this god bothered her. She felt like she wasn’t being fair. It wasn’t that he wouldn’t help her, it was that he really wanted her to help herself. She felt trapped, like she was being kept from living out her own life. This god had her ear. He fed her thoughts that she couldn’t resist, couldn’t escape.

“Did you ever… did you ever meet Apollo?”

She almost smirked, but decided against it. She needed to stop floundering around in her own thoughts and put these thoughts down on paper. She needed to make a record, establish justice. The words poured out of her. She almost felt as if she was floating, free from all


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The objective of this game is to guide a stone on a track to a collection of targets. For this you will need to use the trackpad or joystick and all buttons to move, throw, and sweep the stone.
The game uses motion sensors for the most realistic movement and throwing of the stones.
The physics of this game give the stone a realistic, yet predictable, movement.
You can use your skills to influence the movement of the stone based on how you move your hands.
Locomotion Movement:
Use the trackpad/joystick (up is forward, down is backward, etc.) to move around. You can go 1.5x faster by holding down the trigger button while moving.
For throwing, the stone must be completely spun up when it is released, but you have control over the speed at the time of release. This speed (weight) is determined by how fast you are moving when you release the stone, as well as what you do with your hands (you can give it an extra shove if you feel like it at the point of release). You also determine the amount of spin on the stone at the time of release, just like in real life! Simply give the stone twist as you release it. The amount that the stone curls is based on both the realtime linear and angular velocities of the stone.
Yes, you actually get to sweep in this game as well! Influence the speed of the stone (and thus the amount of curl as well) by sweeping in front of the stone while it is moving. For those who are new to curling, sweeping in front of the stone makes it go faster and want to curl less. You can even turn on sweeping particles to help visualize the effects of sweeping. Red particles indicate a significant effect from sweeping, green particles indicate a moderate effect, and blue particles indicate a minor effect.
There are several unlockables and rewards to help you play like a champion. You can use rewards to unlock various stones, brooms, and even new ice surfaces.
Game Modes:

Throwing Challenges:
Throw the stones in these various challenges to hone your skills and earn rewards. There are no brooms in this mode, so be careful of how hard you throw the stone.
Sweeping Challenges:
In this challenge mode


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