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Modern Dating (This Page)

What’s a Generation X’er?

It seems like there are more people on the dating scene than ever before, but what constitutes a “generation X” individual? Are we looking for someone who is 18-30, has a career, or no career? How do you know if you’re a “traditionalist” or a “mover and shaker”?

Researchers define Generation X as those who have lived through the tumultuous late 70’s and early 80’s, and went on to exist between 1980 and the 1990’s. They are the people who saw the value of technology changing the course of our lives, and even today, the Millennials or Generation Y, will often bring the personal computer to the table.

They Are Just Like Us

The majority of Generation X’s are still living in the suburbs, have attended college, and now have jobs that let them just be home and with their families. They may not have the “type” of career you want but they can still support a small family with childcare and at least part of the housework. If you like someone because they support you, give you something to look forward to, and you’re a great listener and support in return, then you’ve got some common ground with a Generation X man or woman. We are human, we make mistakes, and sometimes we don’t have it all together—but we’re still capable of being responsible.

Being the Man

When it comes to dating, Generation X men and women have become more communicative about what they want. We have gone from a time when a girl needed to give a guy a big hint to start the conversation to a time when women are no longer content to wait for the guy to initiate a relationship. We are no longer interested in the subtle game of “let’s see how long we can wait before he tells me he likes me.” We want a man to tell us he is interested. We want to know how he feels about us, and where we stand when we’re together.

The Power of Technology

Technology may be the thing that is separating the sexes. There are more successful relationships where the man and woman have a lot in common and use their digital devices in common ways. If you are more comfortable in a work setting than a social one, have a laptop and an active social life, or have a successful online career—you might have some good dating experience ahead of you.

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Okay, enough with all the rationalizing. Below, we break down how the modern dating scene works.

Step One: You’re on Plenty of Fish

If you’re a guy who dates casually and women aren’t in your life, you’re probably using a site like Plenty of Fish. Essentially, the world’s biggest online dating site and possibly the most notorious (notorious due to its freaky, “this person must be checked out by cops” vibe, which we can’t deny, but more on that later), is the place to go if you want to meet and date new people. (C’mon, nobody’s checking you out and calling the cops when you meet someone you like!)

Unlike other sites, Plenty of Fish has a much simpler interface and interface, but it also offers a more casual, user-friendly experience than other sites. You’re also free to do whatever you want on Plenty of Fish, as long as it’s legal, of course (regarding the whole “calling the cops” thing). You can message people, see pictures, and, maybe most importantly of all, look up someone you’re interested in based on criteria like location and age (though, as many girls have noted, it’s usually straight guys who are interested in older women, which we’re assuming that’s because you’re more likely to put up with them than the other way around).

Step Two: You’re on OkCupid

The second most popular site is OkCupid, which launched back in 2004, has (or had at the time of this writing) more than two million users. OkCupid caters to what the site calls “smart, witty, and interesting” people who want to meet and date. It’s the place to be if you’re looking for a serious relationship or a one-night stand. Once you sign up and create your profile (which is an interactive process, as you can see over on their blog), you’re free to message anyone you’re interested in (so long as you’re ok with their profile information, of course). The free version includes basic searching, while the paid version offers more features and tools.

Step Three: You’re on Match

If online dating seems a little daunting, you could always just go to a bar or cafe where there’s already a large group of people to meet and mingle with. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a serious relationship, you might want to turn to the latest