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jQuery – adding class/id to element on click

I have a little problem, where a click on an image class adds a class to another image class, but when I try to remove the class from the first class. It doesn’t work.
$(‘img.current_photo’).live(‘click’, function() {
if ( $(this).data(‘page’) === ‘list.php’ ) {
$(this).parent().parent().find(‘.changer img’).addClass(‘border-top-color’);
} else {
$(this).parent().parent().find(‘.changer img’).removeClass(‘border-top-color’);
return false;


I would do something like this :
$(‘img.current_photo’).click(function() {
if ( $(this).data(‘page’) === ‘list.php’ ) {
} else {
return false;

However, that being said, if you need the border-top-color class on ALL the images in the set, you can make your selector more specific by using the :first selector :
$(‘img.current_photo:first’).click(function() {
if ( $(this).data(‘page’) === ‘list.php’ ) {
} else {

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