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Name Reek N’ Havok
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.69 / 5 ( 2516 votes )
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A carpenter and a farmer who were friends decided to make a game together. They both started the engine and development at the same time. Their first decision was to make it a 2D platformer with puzzle elements and with a story that they decided to keep secret. They first wanted to make a game where the player would see things from their friend’s perspective. The player is controlling the friend and the villager. They are connected by a rope. The villager is only a helper. The player needs him to get through the levels, but in return the player needs the villager to help him to solve all the puzzles.
And the first character is the villager. After a lot of work, the game was playable. But the character is not an idle character. The villager has 9 different actions: walk, jump, climb, use special abilities, throw things, reload, save games and make a new character. In short you can use only one time a powerup. The villager is really cute, the graphics are nice and it plays really fast. This is a game for players with a short attention span.
There are several difficulties in the game. The first difficulty level is the default. There are two more difficult levels. The easiest is the normal level and the most difficult is the hardcore mode. In the middle there is the two modes: the first is the fast mode and the second the smooth mode. In the fast mode you can play your games more than twice as fast as the default speed. In the smooth mode the games are much faster but they are not that good as the fast mode games.
The player can use all possible weapons. They all are interchangeable, but also different types of weapons require different actions to use. The different types of weapons are: the axe, the brush, the hoe, the pick, the shovel and the chainsaw. You can use the chainsaw for example, but you need to jump a long distance before you are able to do so.
The main weapon of the villager is the brush. When you are able to use it, you can make holes on the ground. This is how you can jump from the ground and you can jump further. But you should be careful. If you hit the ground too hard you may hit a wall or a lot of holes. Then you start to fall down and you won’t be able to jump again. But there is no penalty for falling in the game. There is always the same room


Reek N’ Havok Features Key:

  • 6 to 10 players online or up to 24 via Split screen
  • split screen multiplayer for up to 5 local friends
  • Network play through World of Warcaft
  • on-line history tracking
  • bug support
  • Steam Achievements


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    The year is 2152. Over the decades, humans have built giant cities. This world is now a world of both peace and prosperity.
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    Update 1.06 Patch Notes:
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    – The icon is now present on the roof even if there is no leader.
    – The game window (notifications, etc.) is no longer displayed on top of it.
    * Changed the icon of the leader selection button from Sinister Blade 2.
    * Changed the icon of the failure screen


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Fri, 15 Jan 2016 01:28:41 +0000

LFLY Fly4:

Welcome to LFLY’s newest game! You’re playing as Faith, a young and

System Requirements For Reek N’ Havok:

Broadcast Network Requirements:
iOS Compatibility:
Android Compatibility:
You won’t be able to use the app on your Android phone, but we’re still working on it. Our next app update will make it possible for our app to work with Android phones and tablets.
No App Store for iOS
No App Store for Android
No jailbreak is required
To test the app, you can use one of the following apps:


Additional Information

Name Reek N’ Havok
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.69 / 5 ( 2516 votes )
Update (3 days ago)


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