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An email arrives from a woman who says she is the daughter of the Princess who vanished 100 years ago. As a desperate mother, she is now looking for help from any information she can find. With the help of two sisters imbued with special powers, the detective can enter the Old Town to find the true fate of the Princess.
The Enchanted Forest is now in danger. The White Dragonflies, a species with an ominous reputation, are infesting the countryside. They may be the source of the recent disappearances and have sinister plans for the Enchanted Forest.
Uncover the truth behind the mysterious salt-transmutation, and find out the fate of the missing Princess. Solve the mystery in order to restore peace in the Enchanted Forest.

Chapter 1 : The Emissary
The story begins with the “personal is political” statement of one of the sisters…

Play in about 60 seconds
The girls, Remi and Tamare, work at the Old Town Décor Co., which is a small day-to-day shop with the working motto of its owner, “all things sold are one-of-a-kind”. The owner’s real name is Alda. She’s the younger sister of Remi, and the only one to know what her sister’s name really is: Sheetra. But Remi is the only one who’s aware of the girls’ secret power, the ability to use their enameled chokers to make objects come to life.
In other words, “they can create objects with their enameled chokers, but can also summon them whenever they wish”.
“It’s all just a dream, though. The hard part is actually saying the magic words— I couldn’t believe it when I was told that it was true, but I’m starting to think it’s true.”

The Princess disappeared 100 years ago. And it all started with an email.

Because this princess was such a brilliant and beautiful young girl, her disappearance was a major topic for the nation. The parents of the missing Princess were both killed by a poisoned knife. They were found in their bedroom. And they were frozen together. One day later, the frozen princess was stolen and hidden somewhere by someone.

Then, who could have abducted a frozen princess?

Fans throng


Features Key:

  • Hack, slash and run through the city of Orschutz.
  • A challenging enemy AI.
  • Unique battles, transforming enemies and time travel.
  • Community?

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    Thrill Cove is a relaxing game full of puzzles, physics-based puzzles, and tons of twists and turns!


    Thrill Cove is all about the challenges. We have carefully crafted many levels that will require you to build and plan your way through. Several key elements are used to generate your progress:

    Wind power: To build an elevator, you’ll need a power source. The wind will power up the windmill and thus a harness can be built. Make sure you gather these windmills first!

    Dynamite: One of the more interesting and useful things you can get in Thill Cove is dynamite. Dynamite is used to blast rocks away and build parts for your new elevators. However, you can’t just build at will. Rocks and other obstacles must be cleared away before construction can continue. This is your main tool to clear the way!

    Wheels: If you’re going to build and create an elevator, you need a way to make it go up. That’s where wheels come in! These wheels can be used to roll to objectives or puzzles. They are also critical to a ton of puzzles!


    Once the game is done, you’ll be able to see the fully designed of the game. Also, there may be music and sound effects. If you ever have an idea for a future level, please let us know! Our developers will be happy to hear it!

    The game will be released through the Steam platform. It will be priced at $9.99.

    Thrill Cove is currently in development and is being maintained by J&A Games.

    We can’t wait to get this game out to the community and watch this develop into a wonderful game!


    About the Developer

    J&A Games is an indie game developer based in Antibes, France, made up of two French dudes, Nathalie and Jules. As we build Thill Cove we’re using Unity, Steam and will also work with Unreal later. We plan on building a game that is fun and accessible to all. To reach as many people as possible, we’re releasing for PC and Mac, with an upcoming Wii U version.

    J&A Games are currently in the process of raising funds through Kickstarter to facilitate the development of Thill Cove


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    Official Website:
    Download “King’s Guard” TD:
    Official Website:
    Game “King’s Guard TD” is developed by company “King’s Guard”, and published by King’s Guard.
    Thanks for watching!

    Jungle invaders have invaded a small outpost, they are now outside. We must combine our power to defend the outpost with this mission, we are going to need specialized units that can deal damage, withstand pain, and be fast in order to survive!
    The giant, Komodo Dragon, is almost here, as a giant lizard he’s going to eat us! We’ve got to get a laser rifle ready to take him down!
    Our enemies are cronies, we need to get serious, they are going to get one!
    Our enemies are flying by and they are going to crash land! It’s only our job to take them out!
    Jungle Passageways await us, where will you lead your squad?
    Jungle battles are fun, we must get through them to win!
    Our friend, Kioshi, has come to ask for help with his throne, we must hurry and choose the best!


    What’s new:

    My Night Job (Chinese: 老爷爷) is a 2019 Singaporean Chinese comedy drama about an overweight man with PTSD who hires a former criminal to get him therapy.

    After its limited launch in Singapore on December 21, 2019, it began its run from January 13 on DramaFever HD. It also began its International release from January 21, 2020 on HKTU TV. In Singapore, it airs on Channel 8 every Monday and Tuesday at 9pm.


    Preco Wong as Mr. Danny Lee
    Eric Tsang as Joey Maniam
    Sophie Yeo as Grace Chow
    Jolin Tsai as lawyer Ariana Yao
    Elvin Young as Frank Cheung
    Sai Gee Sheng as JD
    Ong Kian Yong as Jeffrey
    Irene Ng as Jolene Chou
    Wai Ming Wong as Mark Plutch
    Mayfair Guan as Michael
    Edmund Chen as boxer Archie Yau
    Ho Chuen Yiu as Grandpa Lee
    Jeremy Cheung as host Waita Mark
    Leo Zhao as Sam
    Banji Chao as Bernard
    Maurice Hao as Kefei
    Catherine Tan as Jean
    Farah Nadia as Ah Hui
    Rebecca Lim as Ria
    Woo Yin as Wai Chi

    Danny is a 60 year-old man from a working class family. He has an obese body that is demanding of his partner and bills. Danny works as an insurance salesman that sells Gecko on tap to overweight people. Joey is Danny’s trainee and the former boyfriend that is secretly doing internet fraud. Joey is single minded when it comes to work but is an amateur with his photography. Grace is Danny’s neighbor and eats a ton. Grace is a lawyer that lost her job because of her acne and decided to start a firm for domestic violence victims. She hates boyfriends. Ariana is a lawyer who is closeted and in love with Grace. JD is Danny’s crime contact that is hiding from the law because of a $300K debt. On his first day at work, Danny hires DJ but he drops out at the last minute for financial reasons. Danny then hires Joey to be his first runner. Joey is quick in the head, forceful with his office atmosphere and is a good listener to Danny as he is close to his family. Once Joey joins Danny’s team, he finds that Joey is superior in crime contact skills but he must survive the abuse after seeing


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    Decent Icons is a tool designed to help you create icons for games and software. It allows you to use any image you choose – from free or paid graphics to fan art and screenshots – and scale or crop your image.
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    Supported Image Formats and Locations:
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    Created icons created with Decent Icons, as well as textures created with the game GIMP, which we’ve found to work best for this project. These are all free vectors with transparent backgrounds (without a background color).

    Community Feedback – Thank you!

    We greatly appreciate your feedback and comments.

    Featured in

    Bugs and errors (might be fixed or could be a new feature)

    Features not included

    If you think we’ve missed something, please let us know!

    Contact us

    Please feel free to ask any questions, report a bug, or suggest features!
    Contact us via our Steam group here:

    Our Email:


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