How May You Utilize Stainless Steel Tweezers Besides Plucking?

One of the methods to remove unwanted hair is tweezing. Men and women who don’t want unwanted hair to not reappear for 4 to 6 weeks prefer plucking or tweezing. Besides, tweezers aren’t expensive. The most reliable tweezers for plucking are stainless steel tweezers owing to their material. Tweezers are also handy tools for deboning fish and removing ticks from pets. Nonetheless, you can deploy tweezers for other purposes, as well. There are plenty of reasons to keep another pair of tweezers in your purse, house, or office. We shall tell you: Why?

Things You Can Do with Tweezers Besides Plucking

Here are things you can do with tweezers, other than plucking:

Get Rid of Cracked Eggshells When Cooking:

You can use tweezers to remove cracked eggshells to avoid them falling into your bowl. It will help you prepare the perfect omelet you wanted to cook. If you have disrepute to let broken eggshells fall into the bowl, keep a clean tweezer set on your deck. Tweezers are dishwasher safe that is also a reason to keep tweezers on your deck. 

Grasp Crumbs from Under Stove Burners:

You may use tweezers for grabbing crumbs from under stove burners. It’s also safer than using your fingers and keeping your kitchen smoke-free. 

Tighten up Loose Screws on Your Glasses:

You may not find a miniature screwdriver to tighten up loose screws on your glasses for any reason. However, you may need to tighten the loose screws fast because of some urgency. In such a situation, you can count on the printed version of tweezers to tighten loose screws and fix the issue.

Put on Fake Eyelashes:

You can also use tweezers to put on fake eyelashes when you need to. It will also help you evade making your fingers sticky using glue. Plus, you will apply false eyelashes more precisely if you utilize stainless steel tweezers.

Decorate a Fancy Manicure:

You can also make use of a pair of tweezers to decorate a fancy manicure. You may use tweezers to decorate your fingertips with rhinestones, studs, or striping tape. You can use a similar technique to add small beads to your crafts or stickers to your scrapbooks. 

Pluck Irksome Animals Hairs from Sweaters and Coats:

You can deploy a lint roller to remove pesky animal hairs from sweaters and coats. Nevertheless, it won’t always aid you in getting rid of every last strand. On the other hand, tweezers can remove irksome animal hairs successfully from sweaters and coats, including every last strand.

Remove Splinters, Thorns, and More:

Tweezers are a crucial staple of a home first aid kit. You should keep tweezers with a fine, pointed, and short tip, with wide handles for a more firm grip. It will help you take out splinters, thorns, etc., quite conveniently.

Thread a Needle:

Stainless steel tweezers are effective and suitable to pull a dodgy thread via the needle’s eye. Hence, you may use them for threading a needle.   

Help Children Ameliorate Motor Skills:

You can also use tweezers to help your children improve their hands and fingers’ strength, shoulder’s/elbow’s stability, and grasping technique. For instance, teach your children to pick up small objects on a small piece of paper to make pictures. Tweezers are handy objects to use because you can utilize them for various purposes. Thus, you should take advantage of these plucking objects to teach your children to ameliorate their motor skills. Buy a tweezer set to teach your children effectively how they can use different types of tweezers purposefully.

Disentangle Delicate Chains/ Necklaces:

At times, it becomes arduous to untangle delicate chains or necklaces due to their small size. You can’t disentangle delicate chains or necklaces using your hands only. However, tweezers can help you untangle delicate chains or necklaces, so consider using tweezers for this purpose.

Remove Hair and More from the Shower Drain:

You don’t even need to touch any gunk that may stick deep inside the shower drain with tweezers. Deploy tweezers and avoid touching the mystery gunk to get rid of hair and more from the shower drain.


An effective method for men and women to remove unwanted hair, specifically facial hair is tweezing.  Nevertheless, you can utilize a set of stainless steel tweezers for other purposes, as well, besides plucking. Here are ways you may deploy tweezers for various purposes:

  • Get Rid of Cracked Eggshells When Cooking
  • Grasp Crumbs from Under Stove Burners
  • Tighten up Loose Screws on Your Glasses     
  • Put on Fake Eyelashes
  • Decorate a Fancy Manicure
  • Pluck Irksome Animal Hairs from Sweaters and Coats
  • Remove Splinters, Thorns, and More
  • Thread a Needle
  • Help Children Ameliorate Motor Skills
  • Disentangle Delicate Chains/Necklaces
  • Remove Hair and More from the Shower Drain

Hence, keeping an extra pair of tweezers in your purse, office, and home should make sense to you.