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Finding the right screenshot utility is not as simple as you might think. The Snipping Tool that comes with Windows is decent enough, but it lacks advanced features and does not allow you to upload images to any hosting services.
Super Snipper is a portable, open-source utility that seeks to provide you with an alternative to Snipping Tool. It features a similar layout, but it enables you to grab multiple snapshots and upload images to Imgur.
Capture areas of the screen and save multiple screenshots
To grab a snapshot, simply click the New button or use the Alt+N hotkey. A selection box will be displayed, allowing you to define the area on your desktop that you wish to include. It is even possible to set a delay when performing a capture.
The image will be displayed in the main window, and you can capture a maximum of 10 snapshots before saving anything. You can scroll through them, bring up a preview and delete the ones you aren’t happy with.
Save multiple images at once or upload them to Imgur
After capturing one or more snapshots, it is time to decide what to do with them. Once you’ve removed the unnecessary ones, you can just save all of them to a specified folder.
Alternatively, you can choose to upload images to Imgur for easy sharing. To do so, you need to click the Export to Imgur button and then click on the snapshot you wish to upload. A link will be generated that can then be copied to the clipboard.
However, the upload process is a bit too cumbersome. A confirmation message is displayed whenever you try to export an image, and the URL cannot be copied to the clipboard automatically. Also, it is not possible to create Imgur albums.
Simple utility for users who need to upload their captures
As a screenshot application, Super Snipper isn’t all that impressive. It offers a similar set of features to the Windows Snipping Tool, but it supports only a single capture mode and does not allow you to edit your images.
The biggest reason to use this program is the fact that it enables you to upload snapshots to Imgur. If you need a quick way to share captures with others, it may be worth a try.







Super Snipper Download

Super Snipper Download With Full Crack is a simple, open source utility for Windows that allows you to capture snapshots of your desktop and upload them to Imgur.
Super Snipper Features:
Capture Desktop Snapshots
Super Snipper allows you to capture multiple desktop shots at the same time. Each of them is saved in separate files.
Export Snapshots
Super Snipper allows you to export multiple desktop shots.
Hosting Services
After you’ve captured a snapshot, you can choose to export the image to the clipboard and upload it to Imgur. Or you can also send it to a given hosting service.
Note: You can upload more than one image to Imgur if they are stored in different folders.
If you choose to upload the snapshots to Imgur, just click on the Export to Imgur button. An image will be generated that can be accessed via a link.
Connect to Network
Super Snipper can be used to save snapshots to a local network drive. Click on the Network icon located next to the “All Users” button in the main window.
Manage Captured Snapshots
You can manage snapshots by adding, removing and deleting them from the list.

Super Snipper is a simple and easy to use utility that allows you to save and upload images captured from your desktop. The only downside is the fact that it only allows a single snapshot to be captured at one time. However, it does allow you to export the images to the clipboard, upload them to Imgur, and connect to a local network.

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Super Snipper Crack + [2022-Latest]

Super Snipper Free Download
Capture areas of the screen and save multiple screenshots;
Download Read Online

1. Capturing Your Desktop
2. Customize Snipping Tool
3. Snapshot Gallery
4. Capturing Screenshots
5. Capture Multiple Screenshots
6. Save to Windows Clipboard
7. Let’s Capture
8. Where Is It?
9. Making Snipping Tool Faster
10. Screenshot Gallery

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Super Snipper Crack +

The Super Snipping Tool is a small and free utility for Windows that enables you to capture the entire screen or a selected area. You can edit images and insert a text box. There are some more features available, but they are not advanced. It is a simple utility for users who just need to share snapshots of their desktop.
Features Include:

1. Capture the entire desktop

2. Drag captured screenshots into Explorer

3. Grab screenshots and open them in image viewers

4. Resize, rotate and edit captured snapshots

5. Scale captured screenshots

6. Capture screenshots of multiple windows simultaneously

7. Snapshot the active window

8. Separate captures into individual Windows

9. Snapshots can be saved to folder or uploaded to Imgur

10. Drag and drop captured screenshot to Explorer

11. Snapshots can be sent as an e-mail attachment

12. Add text and annotations to captured screenshots

13. Create thumbnails of captured images

14. Complete with an Open/Save dialog box

15. Snipping Tool vs. Super Snipping Tool

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Advanced Screen Capture for Windows Reviews

Nov 6, 2018

Super Snipper is a very basic utility for captures, and even though the app is small, it does quite a lot of really basic tasks. Some of the tasks that the program can perform can be found in other screen capture programs, but not all of them. The program does do well with the basic tasks, but since it does not perform all of the tasks that I normally use in a screen capture app, I find it a little lackluster. It has a few little quirks that make it feel a little sloppy, but it’s a good one for the basic tasks. It even captures the active window in a way that is easy to spot, and you can even remove what you don’t want.

Similar Software Downloads:

Capture Curved Screen 4.3
Capture Curved Screen 4.3Description: Capture Curved Screen is the most powerful software to capture curved screen (180° screen) into videos. You can capture video, webcam, screen saver or desktop screen from any angle, even the screen which covers a full curved area. You can easily trim any parts of the screen video to your favorite scenes by crop function. You can also convert the videos to popular video formats like.wm

What’s New In Super Snipper?

One of the best free screenshot utility is the SuperSnipe on your system. It is one of the best free software tools to select screen shots, upload to Imgur and share with others. It has all amazing features to take screen shots and it works fast and very simple to use. In this post you will learn how to use SuperSnipe.

How to Install & Uninstall SuperSnipe

Firstly download the setup from the below link:

After downloaded install the program by click on the install icon using your antivirus.

After installation done open the program and select the File, you can find the screenshot option into the folder of the program and create a folder.

If you are having a problem with the installation then follow the below steps:

After download the latest SuperSnipe version, we can see the default screen shot option, so click on the new button to take a new screen shot

SuperSnipe is available for Windows system, but, if you are having any issues then search for SuperSnipe on the Google and you will find a lot of alternative tools.

Download SuperSnipe from the below link.

After download just run the setup file and follow the instructions to install the software.

It is one of the best free software tools to capture screenshot, so you can use it for your business as well. If you are a windows user then just install the software, if you are the Mac user then download the link of the Mac version and install the software.

SuperSnipe is the best free screen shot software to select the screenshots and then upload to Imgur and share with others. If you want to share the screenshots with others then this tool is the best choice. I recommend you to download the software after reading the post, because the post is for newbies to the software, so that you can understand about the software.

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System Requirements For Super Snipper:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD equivalent
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Minimum DirectX 10
Hard Drive: 500 MB free hard drive space
Sound Card: Supports DirectSound
Additional Notes:
5.0 GB of free space for installation
Download the installer from our website. You can choose the game version to download, depending on whether you want to play the original Unreal Engine 3.x or the