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Did the base VIPS ever make any attempt to monitor the number of members in the militia?

So the cold war didn’t really start until the Space Race, but did the base VIPS attempt to monitor the number of militia members, as well as any doomsday-type scenarios? The Wiki entry on VIPS states:

The Population Division was charged with the responsibility of preparing reports on the current and future population, as well as estimates of the U.S. population. This included information on natural increase, immigrants, the general environment, and the effects of improving technologies on agricultural production, as well as a section on space issues.

So it doesn’t quite sound like they had the capability to count how many members of the militia were in the union, but in general a lot of what they were doing was hand calculated, so I’m hoping there was some kind of estimation.


The National Security Act (1950) created a similar agency for the non-military side, the Civilian Research and Development Board (CRDB) “to perform, free of charge to the Federal Government, special research or development that is not connected with the production of any military equipment or supplies”.
All of this may have been for the Organization Man, but there is no indication the CRDB was even aware of the existence of Minutemen or the militia.

Gurrun (disambiguation)

Gurrun is a village in Lithuania.

Gurrun may also refer to:

Gurrun, a village in Łańcut County, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, in south-central Poland
Gurrun II, a poem by J. R. R. Tolkien
Gurn, a village in Azerbaijan

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Gurney (disambiguation)Q:

Postgres: IS NULL or IS EMPTY

I’m trying to write some queries using a syntax I’m familiar with. Specifically, I’m trying to select rows that are empty. I’m pretty sure that the difference between NULL and EMPTY is the nullable status, but then I need to understand what Postgres considers empty. In SQL Server (and DB2), empty would be an alias for NULL, however in Postgres IS NULL seems to be the default. In DB2, if IS EMPTY is true


A single quote mark (‘) means that this is a string in an array or object literal. So, the string the array contains is the concatenation of the lines after each comma.

The second line (which includes the string ‘Team Air’, which you haven’t told us anything about) is therefore unnecessary. The existence of that array is incidental to whatever the third line of code is. That line is likely to be causing a syntax error if the array does not exist.
To fix the syntax, remove the line with the ‘.’
Note that this array literal is rather unreadable for the sort of purposes that I imagine it is being used for. You could use a template literal:
const images = [
{ src: ”,
srcset: ‘ 300w, ‘
{ src: ”,
srcset: ‘ 200w’

images[1].src = ”;

One would assume that ‘Kaggle’ is a company name. I would therefore replace the names with the company (or product, if it’s not a real company name), and the email address with the company or product’s email address, though it’s unclear what the format for that would be.


Localized TFS 2012 Project template

In the old TFS environment