Top 10 Business Schools in 2021 placement wise

Management graduates’ employability has not been hampered by the pandemic despite numerous disruptions in teaching learning processes.

The need for new talent at contemporary organizations is heightened by the dynamic business environment where customer’s needs are continuously changing hence organizations that have a growth mindset need to prepare a pipeline of new energetic talent that challenges the old order and brings in the infusion of new ideas.  

The five skills that management graduates are taught at Jaypee Business School, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT) are the following:

1. Skills to deal with uncertain and volatile environment

2.  Skills to unlearn and relearn

3. Skills to derive insights from complex unstructured data

4. Skills to manage unpredictable and changing deadlines

5. Skills to manage differing expectations of various stakeholders

A blog written by Sushil Pandey, from a popular education portal, College Dunia claims that in spite of the pandemic raging across the world during 2021, the IIMs have been able to attract companies from various sectors such as management consulting, banking, financial services and insurance. Companies during the pandemic have seamlessly shifted from in person-offline mode of visiting campuses to interviewing students virtually. A lot of educational institutes had to increase the expenditure to digitally transform their infrastructures to adapt to the online teaching learning. JIIT also adopted the Google Suite Platform for conduct of classes and used the services of Mettle for administering proctored examinations.

During the pandemic in 2021 the placements of various IIMs and top business schools like IIT Kharagpur, FMS Delhi, IIFT Delhi, XLRI Jamshedpur, MDI Gurgaon, IMT Ghaziabad, SPIJMR Mumbai, JBIMS  Mumbai performed very well as demand for management graduates with digital skills was increasing at an unprecedented rate. Global organizations from various industries like Amazon(e-commerce), Microsoft( Software products), BCG(  Management Consulting), RBS ( Banking and Financial Services), McKinsey(Management Consulting), Morgan Stanley( Investment Banking), American Express(Financial Services), HDFC Bank ( Banking and Financial Services) and many more hired numerous management graduates.

Most companies during this time were re-designing their business models, implementing digital transformation initiatives and adapting to the changes in the business environment. Consumer behaviour was also forced to change as consumers had to adapt to buying products from websites, ecommerce platforms due to the lockdowns that were strictly implemented in most countries. Students that undertook education during this time also had to adapt to the immense changes in the way they unlearn and re-learn new paradigms of dealing with business uncertainties. Organizations with a growth mindset that were looking for opportunities in this uncertain environment did not stop hiring new talent.

Jaypee Business School which is one of the top business schools in Noida also produces management graduates who were hired by organizations such as Byjus(Online Education Provider), Jaro Group, Planet Spark, Zycus, Infoedge, Finedge, HCL Technologies, Jaypee Group, UFlex, Indian School Finance Company, Infosys, IndiaMart  during 2021.

One of the top business schools in Noida is Jaypee Business School which undertook numerous initiatives during the pandemic to conduct online webinars and interaction sessions. The virtual interaction with industry leaders, academicians, entrepreneurs, alumni gave opportunities to the students and the faculty members to learn various aspects such as how to impart online education, deal with economic and social impacts of the pandemic. B-Schools recognized the importance of training students for a myriad of roles available in the corporate world and the startup ecosystem and hence such online interactions were of paramount importance. One of the best colleges in Noida Jaypee Business School is a constituent of Jaypee Institute of Information Technology which adapted to the changing business environment by implementing a slew of measures which improved the teaching learning environment. Although the faculty members and students faced extreme uncertainty about various aspects such as continuing education institutions like JIIT stood strong to face these uncertain times with a brave face.

Although most b-schools are preparing their students to be employees, the changing nature of business experienced during the disruptions caused by the pandemic has increased the awareness amongst general public that one can also pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. The consequence of the disruptions caused by the pandemic was witnessed in 2022 when numerous reputed newspapers reported that India created a record number of Unicorns(1-billion USD valued companies). B-Schools should focus not only to create business leaders but also strengthen their start-up ecosystem which will encourage students to become job-creators rather than job-seeks.