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The game is about exploring a faerie workshop. Faeries are creatures of magic. With the help of a trusted companion, you’ll travel to a magical shop where you’ll find all sorts of colorful, magical tools, magical creatures and mysterious structures. Your trusty guide will lead the way and help you get around. This is where you’ll start to discover all the wonderful things available and how each item can be used.
About The Mi VR:
This experience was designed and built using 3D block-based MMO game development suite Unity.

How to Play:
– Move your phone or iOs to navigate
– When finished, press the HOME button on the phone or iPad to exit the VR experience and return to the Oasis App
– Move your phone or iOs back to VR fullscreen mode and enjoy

Current Note:
The experience was designed and built using Unity and we have not yet released the Unity Build, so you will need to download the.apk files and run the.apk using the Oculus app from iOs or the GearVR app from Android.
Note: The experience is available now on Oculus Medium.

Art Credit:
This experience was designed by the awesome team at Oasis Games ( and thanks to the amazing team at Faerie Nest: and

Like a Faerie Tale, Faerie Nest was designed by Oasis Games.
The gamer experience was designed by the super talented, Linda Tindall.

We would love to hear what you think about Faerie Nest and Kira, so please let us know in the comments below.
And, hey, if you like what you see and want to see more, we’d love if you gave us a thumbs up or rating on Google play and apple app store.
It really helps us out. Thanks.
You can read more about Faerie Nest and the other experiences we’ve created in the Oasis team blog at

Also, Oasis Games, the creator of Faerie Nest, is inviting new and aspiring game developers to join their team for the chance to build an innovative VR experience in a fun, creative, and collaborative workspace.


Toukiden 2 – Mitama: Sarutobi Sasuke Features Key:

  • Sequel to “Ink Shapes”
  • Mini-arcs: With the help of the minions, and forced to perform a series of often embarrassing tasks, Rainier must rebuild his self-confidence and learn to embrace his own defining qualities
  • Continued fights against the minions: Determined to complete his mission, Rainier continues his battle against the minions
  • Item drops: Consider the loot: The powers of the Incendium Corporation are a constant threat, and help Rainier win new powers
  • Auto save: The game auto saves and restores your progress
  • A secret ending: Consider the loot! Is your job done? Does Rainier get a happy ending?
  • A fun soundtrack composed by Sinthess
  • Persistent character development in each game

    • 3 new minions: Andromech, Kerradolphus, Queen Maggadiva
    • New items: B-18, Gold Cards, Incendia Accessories
    • *New powers: Conjure Minions, Rewind Time, Rewind Time
    • *New weapons: Laser Staff, Gold Sword, Gold Baton, Incendia Baton, Gold Staff, Silver Chain, Electromagnetic Magnet
    • *New move: Bracelet Touch, Teleport Travel
    • *New special item: Metallic Shapeshifter
    • *New Special powers: Kerradolphus Calls, Planar Invocation, Call Guardian, Andromech Shoots
    • *Special new chapter is included

    Enjoy the colorful story with a big dose of humor and entertainment

    • A varied and funny story with 57 chapters
    • Excellent game design and super addictive gameplay

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      The team of space mercenaries Red Zirion is fighting to destroy the Cyber-Brain Mentor that will lead to evil consequences.
      Your job is to help Red Zirion finish the mission.
      You can get about the game: weapons, upgrades, texts, and more and download it to your computer, notebook, or mobile device.
      How To Play:
      You can touch one of the buttons on the screen to activate each function.
      Unlockable Characters:
      Each level in the game will have some characters unlocked. The unlockable characters are Red Zirion, Uman, Amadeus, Orson and Claire.
      Important: In the event that you do not have enough points to unlock a character, we request you transfer them to our servers by logging into the game and clicking on characters.
      Wall Jump:
      By touching the button in the direction where you are jumping, you jump higher. As you keep jumping, the jump bar will fill more and you will be able to reach higher platforms.
      Easy System:
      You don’t need to adjust your camera or to press any button to focus on the monsters and when you click on them you do damage to them.
      Character development:
      The heroes in the game will develop characters with the time that they spend in the game.
      Game settings:
      You can change: game screen size, resolution, etc.
      Fight against difficulty:
      Reach different difficulties in the game by performing basic moves on the character that you have at that moment.
      About the Developer:
      We are small group of developers with very little experience, but we make this game by our means, to give you and your friends fun and enjoyment.
      Download and play the game for free and see how you feel.
      Android or iOS device (at least 1.6GHz, 512mb of RAM for each player)
      Android operating system
      iPhone or iPad (iOS 7.0 or later)
      Android devices:
      You can download and play this game from the Google Play store or from the App Store.
      iPhone and iPad devices:
      You can download and play this game from the App Store.
      In-game Store:
      In this section you can find:
      1) You can unlock and take your character in different skins for FREE.
      2) You can buy cool upgrades for the character that you have. You can buy them in packs or just spend a single coin.
      3) You can buy your character in several customizable combinations


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      The Doctor comments:
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      “Its a long tooth”
      “Its a very long tooth”
      “Yes, thank you for your help”
      He then grabs a mysterious metallic cylinder and turns it over.
      “Any clues?”
      “Try your hand”
      He then takes the cylinder and opens it up.
      The Doctor then turns to the camera.
      “Well that was very foolish of me, the cylinder has batteries in it.”
      He then takes his sonic and splatters the camera.
      “Drink me in”
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      “There’s something else in here”
      The Doctor removes the glass window and pulls out a pink egg like object.
      “What is it?”
      The Doctor removes the plate and looks at the egg.
      “The time crystals?”
      “Yes. The TARDIS may have come out of them.”
      “So, it’s a molar in a tooth, give or take…”
      “Very smart”
      “Think we can tell someone about it?”
      “I should hope so”
      “Yeah, right!”
      “Whose moron idea was this?”
      “Did he really need a clue?”
      “Where’s the TARDIS?”
      The Doctor drops it into the bedside cupboard and pulls open the doors.
      “Do you think we should tell someone?”
      “About the time crystals?”
      The Doctor then pulls open the door and holds it up in front of the camera.
      “I’ll tell them that the TARDIS is in the cupboard, that way they’ll be able to hear.”
      “Is that OK?”
      “The sonic screwdriver”
      He points to the screws at the top of the cupboard.
      “Are you sure we should get it out?”
      “Yes, it’s the only way.”
      He opens up the cupboard and the TARDIS doors open up.
      “What are we looking at?”
      “The TARDIS”
      “It’s a bit small”
      “We’re getting closer”
      “I think it’s a molar in a tooth


      What’s new in Toukiden 2 – Mitama: Sarutobi Sasuke:

        and the Power of Community

        For those of you who may be unfamiliar, here’s a quick recap of last summer’s breakout hit anime: Shinichi Inochi, a ten-year-old Japanese boy just trying to reach the top of his class, is joined by an unlikely new friend: a robot named, you guessed it, Robot. Said robot, built by the boy’s father using homemade circuitry and spare parts, helps the boy not just pass his test, but alter the course of his academic future. In the wake of the robot’s debut, robot-related technology, the Japanese robotics industry, and the robot toy industry quickly exploded. Hell, I even wrote a robot blog and experimented with wireless control devices. Soon after, Robot-related merchandise flooded every toy store, gas station, and vending machine in Japan.

        The whole thing was a huge success. To date, the total profit for the TV series alone is estimated to be around 60 million dollars. In fact, the robot appears to have single-handedly made robot technology become as big a consumer product as windows. [Read Part II of my interview with this creator here] He was even a principal character in the animated film of the same name. To many people, Robot and his progeny have become legitimate household names.

        But did you know that during this same time, the anime also touched a wide fan following in the U.S? To be fair, anime is not nearly as popular in America as it is in Japan or in Asia, but it still has an active hobbyist base. For those who are not familiar with the genre, anime is defined not only as an animation style but a culture of its own, with its own style of humor, art, and lexicon.

        There is a wide spectrum of anime fandom, ranging from people who simply watch a few episodes now and then to hardcore fans. Still, even casual viewers often feel like they have now entered the anime world with their first taste of Japanese pop culture. What gives anime fans immense power is that they can use the unifying cultural symbolism as a catalyst for a unique community, and, in this case, a community where no one has to lose their job.

        The House of Robot

        It’s unbelievable that this popularity is a direct result of one robot. However, from the moment Robot first showed up in the opening of the anime series, talk began. People started talking about creating the next Robot,


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        Captain Steelbeard’s Daughter is a 2D platform game where you play as Patty, the daughter of Captain Steelbeard. Explore new environments and solve puzzles to collect treasures and goods while overcoming challenges along the way.
        – 8 Levels with more to come
        – Unique puzzles and challenges
        – Collect items and treasures to increase your character’s abilities
        – Unique graphical design throughout
        – Dark atmosphere and music
        – Collectible dialogue

        Embark on a new adventure in pursuit of the legendary treasure of Captain Steelbeard, Patty’s father. Play as Patty on an epic quest to solve unique puzzles and overcome obstacles.

        This DLC will not be available on the PS3 version of the game.

        Note: A separate download code will be sent to purchase this DLC.

        Key Game Features:

        8 Levels with new bosses and new challenges
        New graphics and visual effects, unique graphics throughout the game
        Collectible items and treasures
        New music and sound effects throughout the game
        Dark atmosphere and improved graphics
        New dialogue options with new collectibles

        Note: This DLC will be included with a fresh download of the game.


        Level Item


        Special Treasure
        Gem Stone
        Gem Stone
        Gem Stone

        Name Stone (Steelbeard’s Daughter)
        Name Stone (Steelbeard’s Daughter)
        Name Stone (Steelbeard’s Daughter)

        Ice Spider
        Fire Spider

        Title Special Treasure
        Designer Title Special Treasure
        Designer Title Special Treasure

        Storm Shield
        Marquis Shield

        Crimson Ruby
        Crimson Ruby

        Steel Sword
        Steel Sword

        Heal Heart
        Heart of Snow

        Tower Sword
        Tower Sword

        Ride Boots
        Ride Boots



        Download Requirements

        Please be aware that this download requires the base game to be installed and activated.

        Important Information

        This content requires the base game Captain Steelbeard’s Daughter: Legends of Steel to be purchased and activated.

        You can get your copy of Captain Steelbeard’s Daughter: Legends of Steel from the PlayStation Store.

        If you do not have this content, you can purchase this DLC separately from the PlayStation Store.

        Download this DLC from the in-game PS3 store by opening the store icon on the HOME Menu


        How To Install and Crack Toukiden 2 – Mitama: Sarutobi Sasuke:

      • First of all Download FOUNTAINS from gamejolt.
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      Download FOUNTAINS.SHO or FOUNTAINS.DLL (DLL) from FOUNTAINS folder.

      /* Copyright (C) 2010-2019 Open Information Security Foundation
      * You can copy, redistribute or modify this Program under the terms of
      * the GNU General Public License version 2 as published by the Free
      * Software Foundation.
      * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
      * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
      * GNU General Public License for more details.
      * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
      * version 2 along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
      * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
      * 02110-1301, USA.

      * \file
      * \author Victor Julien (C) 2010
      * \copyright
      * Copyright (C) 2010-2019 Walkenhorn, Victor Julien.


      #include “assembler.h”
      #include “attribute_type_uint.h”
      #include “match_list.h”
      #include “proto_value.h”
      #include “proto


      System Requirements For Toukiden 2 – Mitama: Sarutobi Sasuke:

      While on iOS devices, a Google account is required.
      While on Android devices, GPS is required.
      Fetching tweets requires Internet access.
      Ads are not supported.
      Minimum system requirements for the browser versions of TweetDeck are:
      Minimum system requirements for the browser versions of TweetDe


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