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Revasion is a challenging arcade game with a colorful bullet hell theme.
To win, you must survive, as you dodge hazards and protect your core from many toggling hazards.
Simple to learn, difficult to master.
A hybrid mixture of bullet hell survival and color matching arcade games.
Versus, Survival, Bonus Game Modes (Player 1 Vs Player 2)
Now you have four Game Modes to save your progress.
WITH NO LOCKS: You can now save, load and pause your game to practice anytime you like.
Connect your Revasion game to your Facebook account to challenge your friends to a game of Revasion.
Get some VR with your Revasion by adding the Gamepad module!
Known Issues:
Some players have reported issue with the swizzling plate transform. If you find out how to resolve please let us know!
Revision History:
8: Added Gamepad module
7: Fixed issue with swizzling plate transform.
6: Rebalanced enemy hitbox.
5: Added a video showing the new features of the update.
4: Fixed issue with “Hey AI, repeat mode”.
3: Implemented more enemies.
2: Added new game modes and some more enemies.
1: Updated the game to the new 9.X version.
1.1: Fixed gamepad bug.
1.0: Released game.
Saved state of the last 4 rounds and current round wins.
Saved state of the time of death.
Jump to the menu with Ctrl + F12 hot key.
Change between game modes with F11 hot key.
Turn on/off screen shaking with Ctrl + F12 hot key.
Enable/disable the shake with Ctrl + F11 hot key.
Increase/decrease speed with Ctrl + F12 hot key.
Increase/decrease enemies with Ctrl + F11 hot key.
Change score inputs with F5 hot key.
Mute/unmute game with F4 hot key.
Change camera angle with Ctrl + F12 hot key.
Change background background with Ctrl + F11 hot key.
Revasion is now officially open source so feel free to fork the repository if you would like to add any features or fix bugs.
If you do


Vacant Planet Features Key:

  • Addictive Gameplay
  • Fun Friends
  • Tons of Hearts
  • Bonus Power Ups
  • Psychedic Art
  • Want to play Dead Hearts?

    • iPhone/iPod Touch
    • Android
    • Windows Phone
    • Play Store

    About the developer:

    Floating Heart Studios is a small independent games studio focused on creating simplistic games that are fun, addictive and award worthy.

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    You can find out more about Floating Heart Studios on our

    website: >


    Saturday, April 6, 2009

    City by City: Seattle

    So Seattle’s high season is over. Tomorrow, the city will be roasting in the 100+ temps and we’ve been sleeping in. It’s been an intense, uncontrollable work week. Friday I had Sinch, a social media planning conference and went to BJ’s to pick up board games with my enthusiastic, fact and fiction-loving three-year old boy. (I buy board games. I should be ashamed. Perhaps I will be ashamed, someday.) Afterwards, we had


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    A Comfortable Burden is a fun turn-based puzzle game with an amazing story. In this game, you and your fianceé, Jessica, are doing chores! The house that you share together is in need of a new paint job, and these two are going to make sure that the place becomes their very own and harmonious place to live in. You will have to manage your time, share the chores with your loved one and ensure that you get to the end of the game. Will you succeed in making your home a comfortable burden?
    While this story revolves around a good and sympathetic couple, the level of interactivity and difficulty between both characters is substantial and will challenge your thinking!
    The events, personalities, environment and points of view are relatable to the story and game design.
    Press Space to start.
    You can rotate the tiles to change their direction.
    You can rotate the cards to change their direction.
    You can place the tiles to get the characters to select them and go inside.
    You can select the characters and press A.
    You can add or remove an action to one of the characters.
    You can pass in the direction of the tile.
    You can pass in the direction of the characters.
    You can click a tile or an action to get a character out of the tile.
    You can click a tile to put a character into it.
    You can click a character to perform an action.
    You can click a symbol to move a character.
    You can open the timer to increase the time.
    You can select the character to perform a move.
    You can select the character to sleep.
    You can select the character to sleep again.
    You can select the home to check if you have finished all the chores.
    Will you succeed in making your home a comfortable burden?
    In the game you will face a variety of everyday chores. You will have to manage your time, share the chores with your loved one and ensure that you get to the end of the game. You can interact with your wife, Jessica.
    You can open the app that will give you a time summary and give you tips on how to manage your household and increase efficiency.
    How to Play:
    Start the app and watch the tutorial.
    Move all the tiles to get your wife and husband into the house.
    Make your wife sleep to manage the timer.
    Open the app to check if you have finished all the chores.Flow cytometry for detection of


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    [i]This isn’t an attempt to slander Greenlight, or Critique, or even Games that are on Greenlight. [/i] [i]This is a situation, and an explanation, of the first game that slipped through and succeeded on Steam Greenlight. What makes it so unique, or even interesting, is the huge amount of info on there that makes it possible for such a clear understanding of the concept, design, bugs, and problems, to be had. Also, the fact that there is a wiki set up to help people work through all the issues, make necessary changes, and fix it all up. All that is to the good, but without that wiki, this can only be a general idea of what this game really is. [/i] [i]The game is a tactical 1-4 player battle between the forces of the Scarlet Overlords and the Dyrons. The goal of the Overlords is to defeat the Dyrons and take their lands, most notably from the village of Cayn. The Dyrons want to bring their realm into the fold of the Scarlet Empire, and so their goal is to stop the Overlords from taking their lands, and therefore thwart their plan. They can cause a lot of damage, and seem to have a very large quantity of troops, but they have no strategy, and so the game is fought over attrition, and who gets to the enemy first. [/i] [i]All the Overlord units have a goal, which can either be, first to kill an enemy Dyron, first to take a territory, or simply get back to base. Each territory is then worth a point or two, and they all must be returned to their base, which can be found at (default) 22, (loosely) 26, or (tightly) 29. [/i] [i]The Dyrons, on the other hand, have only three unit types. The primary unit is the a handful of Jacks that can move both to the other side of the field, and across it. The next two types are Engineers that can either cause some amount of damage to an Overlord, or make them move (the models don’t quite move enough for this, however), and have a weapon that covers the whole field, with the ability to pick up any Overlord that moves into it. The last two units are the remaining, all-around army, and are given the AI that has a set of very random choices on


    What’s new in Vacant Planet:

      of a Spite Fiddler (Part 3)

      “The Fate of America 2016 Edition” is officially underway… The race for President is officially in full swing. It seems like by now, we’ve run out of ways to classify those things. So, “The Consequence of a Spite Fiddler” will be known as “The Best Original HipHop/R&B/Blues Song 2013-Present Edition.” Welcome to Part 3 of this saga.


      Furthemore Hints of possible Future Rilkean Part-3 Part-4

      If you didn’t read the previous parts in the series, I leave you with the reminders, then proceed directly to Part 3

      I put this on the list because I couldn’t really think of a ringpop that has a history or basis to its release. Outside of clothing lines that are the first things you think of. Even then, the right clothes don’t necessarily guarantee exclusivity. You have to be careful about becoming pigeon-holed and associated with a brand that may suck all the life out of you later, leaving you like a ringpop: already dead.

      An exclusive band? That’s also unlikely, especially in a time where bands are getting bigger by the day.

      I’m not sure how the success of the band, or who, would affect or be similar to the band, in this case. The band, or individual(s), are likely not anywhere near as big as they may be now if not for the ringpop, but if they were, it wouldn’t make a difference.

      Will proclaimer of “Charismatic Leadership” continue to exist if this ringpop is removed? The best voice in R&B radio/musician of The Age: Beyond Archy, the guy that coined the term: “Charismatic Leadership” would quickly be led out of the radio station where he works due to his music being deemed too contemporary. This might, or might not, translate down the road for its creators. It’s hard to say. I’ve commented before that if the radio stations started playing hiphop more, they’d be on the brink of bankruptcy faster than anyone realizes. Radio stations rely on ratings and ratings rely on demographics.

      As we move forward into the future, the role


      Free Vacant Planet (April-2022)

      Absolute Zero, are you ready?
      You woke up in your sleeping capsule on the Absolute Zero. You have no idea how you got there, or how long you have been there.
      You hear a commotion from outside and since you have only a few hours to figure out how to get out of here you decide to go see what’s going on.
      However, outside, everything is… dark!
      You must find a way out of this…place. To do this you’ll have to explore the darkness and explore the station’s every nook and cranny, looking for the evidence that will take you through the station, out of the station, and to the nearest planet, First Earth!

      – The classic point-and-click adventures that we have grown to love over the years, but in a newly styled 3D graphic engine.
      – Play through a fully voice-over dialog, full-motion cut scenes and fully voiced characters.
      – Snark is your new virtual companion. She is your guide on your journey through the station.
      – Discover what it means to survive on the Absolute Zero.
      – Play through a series of comic book style illustrations, each one containing short mini-games.
      – Enjoy a wide variety of music.
      – Unlock hidden dialog with Snark and help her fulfill her need to find a new home.
      – The only real visual change is the graphical style. It is a classic point-and-click style with a unique 3D graphical layout that creates a unique environment to explore.
      – A dark humor at the rise of the new generation of technology.
      – Unravel a mystery that may hold you captive for a lifetime!
      – You won’t be able to stop playing.

      Absolute Zero has unique unlockables for you to collect. Some of these are related to the story. Some are related to gameplay and others are just for fun.
      For each achievement you will need to do the following:
      Collect the Reward/Go to the Destination.
      You can find all the collectibles for each level in the dialog.
      Complete each level’s Main objective by talking with everyone.
      To access your secondary objective, talk with the bartender.
      Complete the secondary objectives for each level.
      Play through the game twice.
      Now you can begin! Remember that using all your supplies will always give you negative points. If you can collect all your supplies on one run then a level will


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    System Requirements For Vacant Planet:

    DVD – XP
    Computer with DVD-ROM drive
    8.5 GB of free space
    Internet access
    DirectX 9.0c or later, Winamp 2.91.00 or later (For Vista users)
    If you are having problems with patching, please use v1.01 of the game. v1.02 does not fix the game.
    For additional support check out