VMC Remote Crack With Key Free Download For Windows

VMC Remote was designed to help you control a Media Center PC using any device.
Once you’ve installed MCE Controller or VMC Controller on your Vista Media Center PC, the application can be easily installed onto your mobile device and is used to talk to you PC using a simple TCP socket connection.
The easiest way to connect your device to your PC is through a wireless network. Connect your PCs/devices, set up the remote and you’re ready to role!







VMC Remote Product Key Full Free Download

Built with a neat and intuitive interface, VMC Remote Serial Key will allow you to access your PC from anywhere in the world

Find your desktop and re-arrange the desktop icons

Instant access to all your media including favorites/Subscriptions, Autosync, Music and Video

You can also click your Video, Phone, Control your media

Connect to your PC from anywhere in the world (requires a network connection)

You can find your Desktop, find the Music and Video files and can play them

You can even change the background

VMC Remote Crack Free Download works with any game controller or device that has a micro-USB interface

Simple to use, supported by a friendly tutorial

Works with VMC Controller and MCE Controller

Supported with almost all Windows Vista based media center PCs including HTC Dream, Acer Aspire, Asus, HP ZR30 and Intel Atom based PC’s

It is advisable to have Windows Vista Ultimate, Media Center 2006 or 2007 installed before installing VMC Remote.

Requires Windows Vista Service Pack 1. Simply go to the Control Panel and start the Update wizard.

Installation Instructions

1. Install VMC Remote with My Apps option in the Control Panel. You may require a registration key

2. Install VMC Controller on your Vista PC

3. Connect a USB/DVD/Audio device with VMC Controller

4. Install VMC Remote on the mobile device and connect it with the VMC Controller.

You may need to select “Download the updates to this computer”, if the device does not show all the functions of VMC Remote.

5. After connecting your mobile device with the VMC Controller, you can find your PC screen in the menu of VMC Remote, then use your PC as usual.

This is a utility app so you need to have a VMC controller. All PCs running Vista can run the app. There is no requirement of having the MediaCenter feature installed. Just install the app and use it.

My first experience was nice, VMC Remote put the remote control keys on my mobile device without the need of a keyboard. The menu structure was intuitive and it worked without any problem on my PC.

This is a great app, you are required to install the VMC Controller. As far as I know you are unable to browse the phone memory of the mobile device and transfer files to and from the phone.

If you do install

VMC Remote Activator

The VMC Remote is a free program to connect to your media center PC and control it.
It’s a simple to use program, you only need your phone and your remote to control your PC.
Windows Vista/7 (64bit / 32bit)
J2ME Phone
No service fees, run your device on your own on the internet
Latest VMC Controller / VMC Remote 1.0
How to Install:
1. Install VMC Controller (It’s easy, click on VMC Controller from the downloads page)
2. Download VMC Remote
3. Install it onto your phone
4. Download the latest version of VMC Remote App
5. Install it onto your phone
6. Choose setup.exe of the VMC Remote 1.0 on your phone, it will work
7. Connect your phone and your PC
8. Make sure “Enable connectivity to remote control PC” is on
9. Test the connection

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VMC Remote Incl Product Key Download [32|64bit]

* Powerful remote control of your PC through the Web
* User-friendly interface
* Automatically connects to VMC or MCE Controller
* Doesn’t require administrative privileges on your PC
* Can be configured to run on a schedule from a tray icon
* The easiest and most powerful software remote control for your PC
VMC Remote Details:
* Remote control of your PC through the Web
* User-friendly interface
* Automatically connects to VMC or MCE Controller
* No need to set up a server, it does it all for you
* Doesn’t require administrative privileges on your PC
* Supports remote control of Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 through MCE Controller
* No need to install any network service on your PC
* Can be configured to run on a schedule from a tray icon
* Supports many remote control methods
* Supports file transfer of multiple files
* Supports start, stop, pause, replay, skip, fast forward, rewind and volume control
* Supports Windows Media Center remote controlQ:

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From my previous question I successfully managed to generate the *.apk file from my *.aab file. Now I was following the initial step of this post: How to add multiple.aab files in the android studio project which is in the BuildType ‘aar’ and build apk file?
But the BuildType is aar, is it a problem? In the initial post mentioned above we can change the compileSdkVersion to 24 and use the buildType as aar and this works fine. But I cannot change the buildType to aar, I’m also using the minsdk of 21 so the above post for BuildType aar not working for me. Is there any other way to get the *.apk file from the *.aab file in my project?


For Android application you need to aar file. If you want to build apk file, you need to use build-aar file. So, if you want to build aar file from aab file then you need to configure your build.gradle(Module:app) file as
apply plugin: ‘com.android.library’

android {
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defaultConfig {

What’s New in the?

– Works over TCP/IP
– Allows full-screen remote control
– Shows media files on local PC’s storage
– Automatic remote configuration
– Integrates with the MCE Controller
– Can be used with desktop/laptop/tablet pc’s
– Full-screen remote control
– Read/Write/delete media files
– To use the application you’ll need to be the admin of the PC
– You can set the IP address of the remote device with the IP address and port
– The default port is 8888
Version: 1.0.0
File Size: 43.0KB
Operating System: Windows Vista/Windows 2000/Windows ME


Maximize the window using the ALT-TAB, ALT-F4 or Double-CLICK.

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About Developer

My name is Atanas Dimitrov, I started developing software on the platform of VB.NET with great interest. I am a Microsoft certified.NET developer with rich experience in VB.Net. I have participated in many projects and developed many projects using Microsoft.NET technologies. I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer science.

What’s New

* Fixed a crash when opening the app. * The bugs Fixed on the client device have been fixed in the latest release.

Quickly connecting to the remote.
Thank you VMC Remote Team!

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VMC Remote 1.0.0

A great app if you don’t have a controller.

I’m not a very experienced user. I use it for media center testing and for remote desktop. It worked for both very well. I haven’t test it on Windows 7 and it would be useful if it would support that. Otherwise it is a good app.



In order to download and install the application a 476 KB installer will need to be downloaded. In addition it will also be installed on your PC.



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System Requirements:

Any CPU.NET 4.0 compatible, recommended system:
4GB free disk space
Minimum system requirements:
.NET 4.0 compatible, recommended system:
1GB free disk space
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