What Flooring Material You Should Choose for Outdoor Flooring Purposes

If you are on the journey of creating your dream house or office, then you should read this article to know more about the flooring options available in the market. To amplify the aesthetics of your place you should do proper research and select the flooring product that can enhance the beauty as well as should be capable enough to withstand the heat, water, heavy loads if it’s for a parking area, and all drastic weather changes as well. Now there has been a great evolution in flooring products as well. Presently, pavers have taken the place of traditional flooring options. To retain the aesthetics of the place you should select the right kind of drain covers too. To find high-quality products at the best prices in India, visit the official website of Pavers India Company. The company is manufacturing superior quality paver blocks in unique designs, shapes, colours, and patterns. The company has crafted designer drain covers, to match the flooring option you select for landscaping your place. Here we discuss some of the best outdoor flooring options for you to select for your dream house. 

The two most common types of flooring products used for the landscaping of exteriors are paver blocks and tiles. You need to check your requirements and priorities before making a final decision.


Paver blocks come in vibrant colours, shapes, designs, and sizes. These are highly durable and long-lasting. Tiles are also available in a wide range of designs. In India, Pavers India is the leading company providing a wide array of paver blocks and kerbstones. The company also provides customised options to bring your creativity to your floorings.  


Paver blocks are manufactured usually with a mixture of small stone hardcore, dyes, cement, sand, and other materials. These are a very strong and durable flooring option, and tiles are made of ceramic, porcelain, clay, stone, or concrete.

Maintenance and durability

Tiles can provide a unique look to your floors and can be matched easily with the interiors of your house as well. These would provide the same walking experience as the interior tiles. Paver tiles are very easy to clean and maintain. These would retain their shine for longer periods by simply cleaning with soap and water. If damaged, it may be a bit difficult to repair or change the tiles, as sometimes exact shape, size, colour, and pattern may not be easily available. Some tiles cannot be repaired when damaged and would require the replacement of the whole floor. Tiles may go through discoloration in places using chemicals etc. 

Paver blocks are available in different versions like interlocking pavers, grass pavers, etc. These can be highly reliable in terms of durability, strength, and less wear and tear. These are quite competitive in pricing as well so most people prefer these over tiles for outdoors, especially in parking areas, driveways, malls, commercial places, places bearing heavy traffic, etc. These are easy to maintain and can be easily replaced when damaged without much expense or effort. Paver blocks are sturdy and do not get damaged easily and can sustain the chemical for long periods.

So you can select either from tiles or paver blocks, as per your requirements. Both have their benefits and disadvantages. For expert advice and the best solution for your requirement, you can contact Paver India.