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– [X] Innovative: The game is made from ground up.
– [X] Economic: It’s economical simulator
– [X] Original: It’s an original idea in the genre, with has own mechanic systems
– [X] Challenging: It`s at the same time easy and difficult.
– [X] Simple: It`s a simple game, for players of all ages.
– [X] Innovative: Tons of features and levels, perfectly optimized for the system
– [X] Economic: It`s economic simulator. You can make the money from many sources.
– [X] Original: Full features and level are perfectly designed. You can dig and dig and do like you want.
– [X] Challenging: You must dig, plan, hire, manage, build, manage everything yourself.
– [X] Simple: It`s pure arcade gameplay: use your mouse to make things done.
Quarry Simulator Trailer:
– You can put trailer in your channel. It will be displayed here.
– [X] Innovative: A one of a kind game in the field.
– [X] Economic: Fully optimized for the system.
– [X] Original: It`s a completely original idea.
– [X] Challenging: You`re the only who can create the maximum profit from your quarry.
– [X] Simple: Pure arcade gameplay. You can dig as much as you want.
The idea behind of this game:
– In time before 1920, it was common in Europe and America to give your greenfield (new) land a natural impenetrable forest to protect it. And later it was a place where mining equipment could stay underground for the long time.
– In this game, it`s your task to reverse this process and destroy the forest with your quarry, dig up the ground. Every square meter you can get can be a gold mine and from time to time the quarry is working and fills with gold and diamonds.
This is a really new experience and I`m very exited for every fan that can try my game. I hope you`ll have fun playing this game. You can apply for each feature that you appreciate and I’ll do my best to implement it.
It was planned to release the game in 2019. But due to my health, I’ve have to delay the release up to


Will: The Beginning Features Key:

  • Game concept: Do you like the 45 Degree Game? It's back! Let's play with three players! 4 lane games with kamikaze playing style
  • Over 20 levels with different and challenging game mechanics
  • Restart game free
  • Challenging rule of the game:

    When you play a level, you are in a row but not directly on the wall. The tiles you touch will disappear after a while. The sooner it changes, the smaller the time will be.

    Here your start page!

    • Random level
    • Comes with Tutorials
    • Don't play too much without at least passing through the Tutorials
    • Tested with ipad, iphone and robot
    • Within 20 minutes you can play 4 levels without ever having to win


    • If a tiles is on the other side of the wall, you can decide who touches it
    • Speed up the timing when you are close to your players

    The Time

    You have 20 minutes to score as much points as possible. If you successfully don't cross over the right wall, you lose immediately. The number of points you get is scaled on the level.

    If you found a mistake

    • Have you completed the tutorial level?
    • Does the number “more than 10 points” appear?

    If you don't found a mistake

    • Have you made a habit of playing Touch Football for ca. 10 years</strong


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      Game Trailers:

      Walking Inside the Sky: Bittersweet Symphony by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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      What’s new in Will: The Beginning:

        is on the road to a financial crash, which is why we’re so glad that it has just launched a new game add-on that lets folks play with a new mode, a brand new language, and three new difficulties… Join the celebration!

        Developer: Collegiate

        Artist: College Dreamz

        Callsign: Explosive

        Genre: Puzzle

        Price: $0.99

        Release date: 4/9/2020

        New language: Zombie Kindergarten

        New mode: Super Food Fight

        New difficulty: Hard

        Editor’s note: Puzzle Strike used to have a puzzle event, but this page got too big and all the Puzzle Strike articles got old, so we wanted to put one here to celebrate.

        Happy launch day!

        Puzzle Strike is a wildly popular puzzle game. Like the name implies, the players will solve puzzles by arranging colorful squares. There are many cups and puzzle boards to choose from. The gameplay is literally about making matches. A match is when a group of consecutive puzzles are connected to each other. The gameplay also features some easy-to-hard levels, but the game can be played on the easy setting from the beginning, too. It’s a great fun game that shows its clear appeal when it’s very well-played and very polished.

        Most people buy Puzzle Strike because it’s fun and game-like instead of owning it for the development work. The game is developed mainly by Collegiate, and four well-known developers, Indieexpress, Infinity, FlamingInfo, and ArkaNovel. With this being said, the Puzzle Strike webpage is dedicated mostly to solving puzzles, game blog, and helping the creators.

        Recently, Puzzle Strike’s development team released Jelly Fall, a twist on an old classic dodgeball game. However, Puzzle Strike still can be improved and added more fun. That’s why the Jelly Fall game was such a success. There are few free puzzle events, but we expect the game to be hugely successful.

        At the Puzzle Strike official site, they released the puzzle boards they have created for the April 9, 2020 launch day, and we want to share that with you. Let us know what you think.

        New Language (Zombie Kindergarten)

        Puzzle Strike used to have a puzzle event called “Sample Set” (June 2019). It was a set of


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        SHADOW DAWN: REDUX is a Roguelike FPS voxel action game. Play as a Raider at the bottom of the sea and attempt to destroy Area 51, the central hub of the Shadow Broker Corporation. Use weapons like guns, rockets, grenades, and miniguns to shatter the glass doors and open the mechanical gates to the Area 51 Base. The enemies inside the base will spawn numerous variations of shadows, canons, mechs, and doomsday weapons which you must destroy before they destroy you. There is a character driven story in this game, and there are countless new game features including the one-of-a-kind cooperative mode for up to 4 players.
        Learn the Lingua Franca, trade for parts, and craft weapons to gain strength against the shadow forces at Area 51.
        Grab a gun and fight with your friends and see if you can end the Shadow Broker Corporation once and for all! You can play single player, local co-op with up to four players, online co-op, and compete in AI-controlled bots online.SANDBOX
        Create your own scenarios and spawn as many units as you want! Fight in your own custom battles, or watch from the spectator mode. Summon events as you please such as the A-10 strafe run and the UFO bomb.More information on SHADOW DAWN: REDUX

        Here is the video presentation from the recent alpha testing session. You can also view this presentation as a video file. This presentation only contains the gameplay of the Alpha build, but the content is completely optional.Download the video HERE.

        Introducing Content from our latest Alpha build.
        The development team works hard to create a rich and immersive narrative about the events that unfold at Area 51. The game has a rich selection of characters to play as; soldiers, scientists, and more. Each of these characters has their own set of strong skills and weaknesses; of course the survival of all these humans depends on what they can do in the heat of battle. More information on Shadow Dawn Redux is coming soon.

        The new Team Fortress 2 update brings the game back to alpha testing. This blog documents the update and all the bug fixes that have been added.
        All the early alpha builds at this point are based off the last build (v0.96).

        Note: Although the game has been updated and has been running for some time, the files here were created before the update. This blog will help


        How To Crack Will: The Beginning:

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      Preparing the game to play is very easy:

      1. Download the game and install it.
      2. Download the instructions.
      3. <img border="0" height="188" src="



        System Requirements For Will: The Beginning:

        OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit)
        Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or better, AMD Athlon 64 X2 or better, Intel Core i5-4570 or better, AMD FX-6350 or better, or compatible NVIDIA GPU
        Memory: 2 GB RAM
        Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970, AMD R9 290, or better (See Compatibility List)
        DirectX: Version 11
        Network: Broadband internet connection
        Storage: 25 GB available space
        Additional Notes