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Ygo 540 Ttf are usually used in file names.Triple M reporter Jack Abood writes the ‘creepy’ tale of a dying man who is ripped from his bed and thrown from his house.

On New Year’s Eve, a Sydney nursing home was reportedly plagued by supernatural activity. A nurse allegedly overheard a group of mentally ill patients saying they had to find a certain coffin and a mysterious red-eyed man who allegedly told them that they would have to resurrect the deceased man from the grave.

According to reports, the disturbing supernatural events caused a lockdown. Staff were reportedly unable to find the source of the mysterious activity, however, videos allegedly of a guy in a wheelchair being pushed through the nursing home by a staff member were posted on social media before his removal from the facility.

It all started when a nurse reported overhearing patients complain about a specific coffin and a supernatural entity in the room. Staff immediately set to work to locate the coffin. When they did find it, the patients reportedly grew angry and refused to touch the box.

Members of staff then escorted the group of patients to a room where three ‘men in white’ began speaking to them.

One of the men said the following:

“You will have to make contact with the deceased. We are not going to do it. We are here to get you. A day after you have done it, we will make contact and you will have to resurrect the deceased. You will have to be the new Adam.”

The nurse was then allegedly asked to take a look at the deceased’s hands and feet while the other two men inspected his chest.

It’s important to note that staff claim the deceased’s family has not been contacted yet.

They have been informed, of course, but not his family, who have not yet been called upon.

The next day, December 31, the staff claim they found the man in a wheelchair being pushed outside.

“… one of the men in white with dark glasses and a mask… and the other two with him, pushed the man in the wheelchair outside to the garbage pail outside and it was wheeled away.”

Police were immediately called.

“Police were called to the home and spoke to the now deceased man. The nursing home was later placed in lockdown to ensure nobody got inside as the investigation of the paranormal is